Posted by: inforodeo | August 18, 2009

Health Care Myth Tracking

I’ll admit it … i haven’t been tracking the health care debate much. Why?  Because i think having an optional national plan is a good idea, regardless the restrictions. As it now exists, health insurance companies charge insane amounts of money to self-insure.  If you try to get insurance while guilty of being pregnant, being old, having diabetes, having been a smoker in the past 3 years, or any other number of conditions, good luck!  Despite paying for our pregancies out of pocket anyway (insurance companies generally don’t cover ‘natural birth’, considering nature more risky than the surgeon’s knife), insurance companies we checked out wanted nearly triple for my wife what they wanted for me & the kids combined because she was pregnant/just had a kid. (A healthy baby boy, by the way!)

That said, my number one gripe about a national plan is that, like all other government programs, all tax-paying americans will be forced to dish out more of their hard-earned money to pay for those who aren’t hard-working, as well as the handful who are and just couldn’t afford health insurance because they were paying too much of their income to the government in taxes or are stuck working a low-paying job under some millionaire because they can’t afford to ‘go into business on their own’.
Our family is one of those families.  Self-employed with four employees, we ended up owing more money in taxes than i’d made at most of my prior jobs in a year on something most americans aren’t even aware of: “self-employment tax”.  Self-employment tax is a way the government collects for current welfare and existing healthcare programs.  Most americans don’t know about it because most americans work for someone else.  You don’t really come face to face with this until you escape the slavery of working for someone else.  Your employer faces similar charges, but usually those are taxes that they get by filing as a big corporation, and there are certain other kickbacks a corporation receives.

We don’t have healthcare right now.  we lost our business when tax season came, and in addition to having lost (mostly) our jobs, being in tremendous debt to the government, being in debt for our home, and having three children to take care of, we just can’t afford insurance, so every illness that eeds to get checked out, every medicine, and every x-ray, blood test or check-up we have comes out of our own pocket.  Though supposedly “4 out of 5” american’s don’t have health care, most people probably don’t realise how expensive 30 minutes at the cardiologist or 5 minutes with the family care nurse actually cost. 

The current trend with the media is to go “mythbusting” the handful of spooky stories about the healthcare program being pushed by our wannabe-socialist government.  I hadn’t been aware of these myths (which was surprising, given the large number of ‘radical right wing extremist’ (to quote Napolitino) organizations i get emails from … groups like the Libertarian Party, the NRA, the John Birch Society, the Republicans, and the numerous ‘survivalist’ blogs i subscribe to).  In fact, the ONLY place i’ve heard these myths is from the promoters of the healthcare program themselves, and from the news media.  This isn’t to say that freaked out Springer-watching white trash and little old ladies in Ohio aren’t passing a handful of emails on to their friends, but the “anti-healthcare movement’ isn’t anything it’s made out to be.

How are these myths becoming so public, then?  Like McCarthyism and “ratting out commies”, the Obama administration (specifically the White House itself) recently began soliciting rumours and chain letters that were unfavorable to the President in its “facts are stubborn things” “fishy emails” blog.  Nevermind that it is illegal for the president to create lists against the public … the whitehouse blog specifically states:

“There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care.  These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation.  Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

according to 5 U.S.C. § 552a, the President cannot collect and maintain records describing how any particular individual chooses to exercise their 1st Amendment Rights unless a specific statute  or the individual themselves authorize the collection of such data, AND it is used appropriately by law enforcement agencies.  pretty much this sounds like it means if you forward an email to some friends, and they forward it, then someone sends it to the White House, Obama can keep track of the person who sent that email to them, but cannot use any of the other names in the email headers on the chain email. I guess we’ve got his word that he won’t look at those names …

but wait!  just last week, numerous people were a bit freaked out that the White House sent them a spam when they’d never signed up for a mailing list.  The White House apologized, but the “act first, apologize later” strategy looks strangely familiar (campaign mudslingling strategy of the Left!), and, as we learned from the campaign, when you put the lie out there, retracting it later is incredibly ineffective. (Later news indicated the email spam – about health care reform – the White House sent out WAS a result of data collected from forwarded emails).

i’d imagine they are trying to lump healthcare myths into the category of ‘threats’, so the exemption: “maintained in connection with providing protective services to the President of the United States or other individuals pursuant to section 3056 of title 18 can be used to avoid any legal issues.  Talk about loopholes!

The blog page is still there, but the email address has been taken down, and now directs senders to a special new White House propaganda page: , where you can watch well-crafted video spots and see eye-catching graphics designed to officially tell you not to believe anything you hear about healthcarefrom anywhere other than the White House. 

did i mention that Hugo Chavez is systematically shutting down or taking over media outlets in his country?

It is important to keep in mind that a strategy of frontal confrontation is rarely the ‘winner’.  The most effective attacks come through the back door or are surprises that sneaked in close while there was a distraction.  While the most accessible venue – the news – is waving around the “look at these crazy myths!” banner … while the average citizen is snickering at the “over 80 death board” and the “no vision care until you’re blind in one eye” stories, the more disturbing legislation is sneaking in on various bills.  

–  The healthcare bill itself has a section making it obligatory, for example, for Social Services to visit your home before, during, and after pregnancy.  Not only would this be expensive (where would all the money come from to hire the snitch squad to enter your home? Taxes!), but the horror stories of the current “guilty until proven innocent” child welfare services are too numerous to make any intelligent person think this is a good idea.  (I should probably point out a connection to the designs of the devil – for those readers of religious conviction – what danger is it for the poor to be subject to such a law? 
The children of the poor who fail the inquisitions would be taken away and placed into foster care.  Foster parents will – if the existing trends continue to infect our culture – be ‘qualified’ by lacking religious affiliation or promising not to ‘inflict’ it upon the children for which they provide care, because “progressive” athiest activists will insist the home care be as sterile and ‘superstition free’ as our public schools, to provide an “equal” upbringing. Your child who had a dirty diaper on the day you couldn’t afford food and welfare happened to show up would be taken away and denied the opportunity to be raised with exposure to your religious perspective).

–  Another law going through right now that gives the government power to “quarantine” entire cities based on a simple declaration from the president.  (if you haven’t been following all the conspiracy news, the government has already built several large, barbed-wire encircled “FEMA camps” around the country, and you can find photos of those camps and their stores of unmarked busses all over online). 

“Change” is here, and with it are the further losses of America’s values and rights.  Don’t believe the myths on either side without checking the facts and details first.



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