Posted by: inforodeo | August 28, 2009

President To Have Power To Disable Private Network Internet Access

The Senate Bill is S773 … it failed to pass earlier this year because it would have given the President the power to “turn off the internet” in case of a “cyber emergency”, but did not sufficiently define what such an emergency would be.  Never fear, communist sympathizers!  The bill is is being re-written and a new draft of it surfaced last night

If the government wants to protect our financial institutions and government networks, why give them the power to disable any network?  why not only those related to national security or the specific financial institution?

Some scenarios we, the citizens of the United States, could face if this were implemented:

– if our financial institution (or any financial institution) were under attack, our ability to access our own accounts (and therefore $$!) could be taken away for as long as the President/Government feels is necessary.  This is similar to locking & blockading banks to prevent “runs on the bank”.  It’s already annoying to be on vacation or at the gas pump or about to pay for a meal and suddenly the bank has put its own ‘security hold’ on your account … imagine the chaos that would ensue should that happen to millions or billions of people at once? 
– the scarier scenario: our ability to access news and information.

would never happen, you think?  consider the following:

– the government has already asserted its power over controlling oil prices and thereby controlling our ability to travel by ground. 
– the government already controls, by way of an arbitrary “terrorist watch list”, who can and cannot travel by air.  Perhaps a similar restriction to sea and rail travel is in the works?
– by forcing the switch from analog to digital, the government has made it incredibly difficult for “small guy” television broadcasts to exist, and has effectively shut out any citizen who was unable to afford the analog-to-digital switch requirements from receiving televised news.
– persons who subscribe to cable television, view television online, or use satellite already have their usage monitored “for programming purposes”. How hard would it be for big brother to see what shows you normally watch?
– through the Patriot Act, public libraries are restricted in some materials they are able to make available.  At the time, you couldn’t view a map of air currents, for example. (I’m not sure if that is still the case).  Your library records are easily obtainable by the government.
– As i reported earlier this month, the Obama Administration, manipulating and abusing what is known as “Fairness Doctrine” and having recently installed a “Diversity” Czar in the FCC is attempting to shut down network radio under the false banner of “promoting diversity” (the idea being that if there weren’t syndicated programs on the handful of recently-increased available frequency bands, minorities would have more radio airtime).  As most radio-listening americans are well-aware, the REAL implications of this are that national news will be under government control and conservative talkshows, which make up the majority of syndicated shows, would be eliminated, removing ‘competition’ for the leftist government’s dangerous policies. 
– Another bill is underway (may have already passed) that gives the president the power to declare an “emergency” that will authorize government agencies (including the newly created domestic army [1st Brigade Combat Team of the 3rd Infantry Division]) to surround, detain and isolate segments of the population and geographic locations for ‘quarantine’.  This would effectively limit foot and bicycle traffic. 
– If the President or other government agencies suddenly have the ability to restrict or shut down all or parts of the internet, as is the fine-print aim of the Cybersecurity Act of 2009, what methods remain to alert the citizens of rights violations, dangerous strategies of the government, or other news?   

There aren’t any.

We should be paying attention to these things.  We should be watching what chavez is doing to Venezuela right now.  We should be refreshing our memory of history … WW2 the nazis and our own illegal imprisonment of Japanese Americans. 

This urgency … whistle-blowing … ‘paranoia’ or whatever you’d want to call it is not solely against the work of the Democrats or Obama. In fact, it’s not even our Presidents who are to blame completely.  These policies are written and accepted by many of our elected officials, and those who they appoint to work with them.  You can point fingers at Bush (Patriot Act) or Obama (just about everything else) all you want, but these men are just conduits or puppets or spokespersons for who or whatever is behind this movement, and singling one president or one party or one talk radio host, actress, corporation or religion out as the guilty party is simply a distraction that we can’t afford. While we’re pointing fingers, this snake of dnagerous constriction is slithering beneath us.  Yeah, i scream and yell about Obama a lot … but that’s because he’s the figurehead of the current cloud of stupidity that is hanging over our nation.  In three years it will be someone else’s fault.  It’s really the same reason i defend Bush … you can’t spend eight years blaming Bush for everything and then suddenly pretend the universe is all good with Obama. We were on a downward slope, and now we’re accelerating. 



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