Posted by: inforodeo | September 15, 2009

Deaf To the Voice of the People

     I should have used a more dramatic and sensational heading, because the truth is far beyond mere deafness.

     On Sunday, David Axelrod claimed the TEA party protests in Washington were not representative of how America actually feels. His specific words, on CBS’ “Face The Nation” were:

"I don’t think it’s indicative of the nation’s mood. You know, I don’t think we ought to be distracted by that. My message to them is, they’re wrong."

     Wrong? Since when can an opinion be wrong? Since when in the US, under the Constitution, can voicing those opinions publicly be “wrong”? And “distracted”? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Let’s not let our public servants get “distracted” by the needs of the people. 

     I also don’t know what to say to this whole “indicative of the nation’s mood” bit. Does that mean that just because the cost of gasoline, the demands of our low-paying jobs (and high mortgages that tie us to those jobs), and the incredible distance from Washington D.C. prohibited myself and the majority populations of the Western States from marching on D.C. to indicate our mood, we don’t count? 

     Who can say how much of what needed to be said actually reached the ears of our lawmakers and those whose position of power is to execute those laws?  In the days leading up to the rally the White House repeatedly lied, denying knowledge of the TEA party movement, with the White House Press Secretary claiming, “Never heard of them”.  

     This is similar to a strategy being employed against those citizens who attend one of the “Town Hall” meetings to “discuss” healthcare. These individuals were accused of being “organized” or “planted” at the meetings, completely disregarding what they had to say.  The state-affiliated mainstream media routinely ran stories “debunking the myths”, complete with still photos of impassioned citizens supposedly from the meetings. Being a subscriber to numerous “right-wing” and “conservative” blogs and news services, as well as the websites of political groups like the NRA, The John Birch Society, and others, I was shocked and bewildered by some of these myths allegedly being spread by the “organized right-wing activists” … because I hadn’t heard any of them. I even listen to Glenn Beck, supposed right-wing conservative mastermind! An intelligent person would have to think that if such an organization existed, surely it would operate through the most radical of friendly organizations, because people on the fringe tend to eat up any conspiracy they’re fed. Look at the successes of Democracy Now, Move On,  and the numerous Soros-owned progressive groups in getting Obama elected! They spread their lies, had the entertainment media infuse them into popular culture, and every wannabe intellectual this side of Sodom bought it. Could conservatives actually be so powerful that they can secretly organize across the nation without using any of their tried-and-true, easily accessible heavyweights? The answer is no; the more specific answer is that there is little if any organization in these outbursts: the people really are not happy.

     After the TEA Party rally, the defensive corrupt attempted to attack the numbers, much like they did in February and April during prior rallies. It seems they feel that the difference between 40,000 and 2,000,000 is significant enough to determine whether or not the things that were said are valid. I don’t care if there were 1,400 people there – their motives resonate quite strongly with most people I know! Like I said above, most of us are poor farmers and other working-class people who didn’t get any of the Obama “stimulus” money because we didn’t have progressive/leftist jobs saving panda bears, endangered snails, developing fuel from shredded bibles or handing out bags of gold to unwed mothers addicted to crack. What’s more, our region is made up of people definitely supportive of the TEA party’s platform (anit-government taxes, over-spending and state-controlled healthcare), yet the march took place on the opposite side of the country.  Had the capitol (symbolic, the place where the people thought they could really be heard) been in the Rockies, they would have had to shut down businesses and schools and you can bet the numbers could have been in the millions. By forcing the exact number of attendees into the forefront of any debate about the rally, the opposition is accomplishing two things: they are “proving” their point that the intentions aren’t worth listening to, and they are attempting to make the organizers and supporters look like ignorant crazies (not only “clinging to their guns and their bibles, but having thousands of imaginary friends, too!).  I suppose it accomplishes a third goal, too: keeping the rest of the world ignorant to the reasons behind the marches, protests and rallies.  You have to understand, too, that since the first protest, the mainstream media has been playing it down (save for a few snapshots of the one or two opportunistic crazy folks in the crowd), while more reliable media has actually shown video footage of the thousands of people at such events.

      Even today there was an article blasting some (alleged) bloggers for posting a photo from a 1997 Promise keepers rally and claiming it represented how many people were in D.C. for the event. Again, I hadn’t seen any of these alleged bloggers myself (in fact, the only time I’d ever seen this image was in the news article ‘exposing’ it), but such a news story is right in line with the push to make us all think Tea Partiers are a delusional bunch of folk.

      The morning of the rally, I saw some of my liberal/leftist friends posting things on their blogs, like “I think I can hear Jingo Bells”. While cute and clever, such ignorance is a cancer on the effort of the people to restore and maintain our (including liberals!) freedoms.  Accusing the TEA Party of jingoism – a desire to spread Americanism throughout the world by force and a crazed kind of patriotism – is inaccurate. While there were probably some attendees who think this way (or at least could more easily be accused of thinking that way), the argument is as foolish as labeling everyone who voted for Obama “gay”, or anyone marching in an anti-war protest as “Black”.  It is not a part of the movement, even if it is a part of one or two  The TEA Party began in opposition to the high (and still increasing!) taxes, the insane amount of spending, spending, and spend some more that the OA was doing, and has now grown to encompass the healthcare debate because it also relates to taxes, big government, and lack of representation.

      Helped largely by the media, the TEA Party also suffers from the same propaganda attacks that groups like the John Birch Society suffer from: some people who have extreme and dangerous views see such organization as an opportunity to express their racism (or other largely unfavorable views). This is especially problematic now, because anyone who represents Obama as “black” is considered racist, anyone who didn’t vote for Obama is considered “racist”, and anyone who disagrees with Black Panthers toting weapons outside a polling place, Black Professors who belligerently refuse to cooperate with police, or any other pro-minority spin on a news event are also “racist”. I watched a news story on CNN today that focused on Obama “Witch-Doctor” posters at the rally and called them “racist”. If you follow the news, you’ll know that pretty much every poster depicting Obama – regardless the intent of the artist or position of his character – is considered “racist” except the “Joker” poster (possibly because it has white clown paint?).  When the handful of redneck inbred supremacists show up at a rally, the journalistic eye singles them out, focuses on their strange agenda, then uses that perspective to sell the story, ignoring the thousands who do not share those views.

     When Rep. Joe Wilson called out Obama’s naive statement about preventing Illegal Aliens from accessing taxpayer funded healthcare, those two words – “You Lie!” – echoed around the country. Much to the chagrin of health care/Obama supporters, the applause by the people has been louder than the gasps of shock by aged multi-term congressmen. While some tried to claim his outburst was in violation of the House rules, it really wasn’t (because it was a special session), and despite a handful of people calling for him to get his wrist slapped, he has suddenly received millions of dollars in contributions.  Not representative of the voice of the people? That’s a lot of cash to perpetuate a hoax – or to be “playing games”, as Obama himself has accused his opposition – the voice of the people – of doing.

     Pretending that the voices in the town halls are ‘organized’ and not truly representative of the people is dangerously stupid.  It shows (quite clearly) that these town halls were never intended to discuss ideas with the people, or even to gauge popular support. In categorically tossing out any input these people may have given to their elected servants, it is not possible to claim any true intercourse was part of the plan.  These town halls were travelling sales shows and a corrupt form of first-person propaganda; an attempt to indoctrinate people because the internet has proved unfruitful this time.

    While this kind of stubbornness in the town halls, joint special session, and the TEA Party rally in D.C. is indicative of a government so big it has lost touch with the people and reality, today even scarier news related to how far this administration is willing to go to force its position and maintain its well-crafted image appeared., out of San Diego, reported earlier today that new non-lethal weapons are being deployed to Town Halls to keep people from getting too animated:

“The same kind of technology used against insurgents in Iraq and pirates off the coast of Somalia is now being deployed to some local town hall forums where health care debates are taking place but concern is being raised about the potential lasting effects of these so-called sonic weapons.”

     Hopefully you find this a bit alarming too! These weapons emit a high decibel sonic burst that causes extreme pain, and in some cases even death. It is one of the many technologies employed by the military to control crowds that are part of the same arsenals that brought tasers, tear gas and rubber bullets to law enforcement around the country.  As has been the case historically, these weapons are being used on civilians who are guilty of nothing other than exercising their constitutional right to speak their mind to their public officials.  This particular device is called a Long-Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), and is capable of emitting noise up to 146 db (around or just above the sound of a jet engine).

“The department has only used the device once and that was to organize a large beach crowd. The company that manufactures the LRADs said the only way the devices can cause harm is if a person stands directly in front of one for a long period of time.”

     The debate is over whether or not LRADs are dangerous, and differing opinions are offered. Personally, I’m concerned as to why such a device needs to be positioned at these meetings! It’s as creepy as having the president drive by with an SUV full of guys aiming loaded assault rifles at you! (This happens frequently, several of these recent events have taken place at Tea party protests when the president has driven by. It’s nothing new, except prior presidents haven’t made the firepower so noticeable).


The LRADs have been deployed already, at a town hall in Spring Valley last month. I’m not really sure why we haven’t heard bigger cries of outrage from California over this, but I suspect it has to do with a false sense of security that the pro-big government, pro-Obama, and pro-handout state has that the technology won’t be used against them.

     Glenn Beck brought up a good point the other day aimed at that kind of mentality: those who don’t mind the laws that are being passed to give the President and the federal government more power need to keep in mind that those abilities stay in place when the next President is elected – could they stand having a republican with this kind of power?

     I enjoyed watching the TEA Party rally at Washington D.C. online.  These people are concerned for, and are fighting for, our rights and freedoms. Those who mock them haven’t actually paid attention to what they are actually asking for, and are instead still getting their news from comedy shows and other heavily polarized and misrepresentative sources. Listening to the great speeches (and a few weaker ones) by many modern patriots was refreshing, and those who ignored the rally, missed the speeches or are only listening to the scandal-hungry news missed out, I feel, on an event with social and historical significance on par with MLK,Jr. At the same venue. These people, after all, are not simply fighting to lift up a race into equality, but to save all Americans from potential destruction.

     There were speeches reminding our elected officials that “we are not their servants, they are ours”.  One speaker read off a list of problems in the federal government that don’t sit well with the people, one of which is that Congressmen keep their yearly salary even after they’ve served their term, regardless of how long that term was (or why they quit serving it!), and that congressional offices should have term limits just like the presidency. One speaker made the powerful statement: “Obama promised hope and change – well we are that hope and that change!”

     Our government needs to quit dismissing the needs of the people and needs of the majority.  They need to quit acting without the support of the people, and need to quit taking more and more of our money so they can “bail out” or buy out private industries who were poor businessmen.  Our government needs to back out of our private lives. The balance of power needs to be evenly distributed to the people and the states, and the federal government needs to shrink back to its original role.

     These people – myself included – are not violent people, and harbor no ill feelings or wicked plots.  We want our God-given rights back. We want our freedoms back. We want our money and our traditions – and yes, some of us want our Bibles and our guns – but more of us just want the ability to pursue happiness, whether that be getting the health care we want or owning our own business – and that right is so crippled by taxes and “red tape” it functionally does not exist. 


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