Posted by: inforodeo | September 25, 2009

More Spooky Videos Of Kids Praising Obama Emerge

Hopefully you saw my post on Obama’s Back To School Speech and some insights into why these “crazy” right-wingers were so opposed to it. If not, Check it now! I’ll wait for you.

Ok. Glad you’re back. Today new video emerged:


… and, as you probably suspected, people are freaking out again.

I personally can’t figure out why more people aren’t seeing the similarities between ALL these school kids (again, you’d better read the other post if you haven’t already) and this guy (I won’t say his name, I’ll just let you watch this video of school children singing praises to him):

are you beginning to understand the fear?  The thing is, this is not, has not been, and probably won’t be the only similarity between these two, not to mention those other infamous tyrants. The White House even recently attempted to solicit the NEA for artists to create propaganda for OA Programs. Fortunately some of the artists who attended the meeting realized its impropriety and posted transcripts and an audio clip of the meeting online. (Ignore the “Bush Did It To!” version, its a humorous fabrication)

As a side note, it is interesting how at the beginning of his administration, groupies tried to create a link between Obama and Lincoln. Once things got rolling, the similarities between Obama and FDR became more apparent, with his New-Deal-esque attempts at change.  Americans should hope that the ineffectiveness and legacy of failing government programs from the New Deal don’t plague Obama in his own economic rescue plans. For the good of the nation, we must also hope that other terrible decisions that mimic FDR don’t happen … like the internment of Japanese, Italian and German citizens in government concentration camps did under his reign.

The parallels between the OA and the Nazis are frightening, though. You have to wonder who the extermination will be against … is it “the religious right”? the republican & libertarian parties, “gun owners, returning war veterans, and those who oppose abortion and other government policies”? Maybe they’ll lump them all together and call them “conservatives”.  Our nation is, after all, certainly divided, and certainly willing to persecute when it is “ok” by”everyone else” (the media). “Conservative” has become a hiss-word, as have the names of the handful of religions who have not bent over to go with the flow, as well as the handful of talk-show hosts and the very, very few other entertainers who dare not follow the masses in this blind march into slavery.

According to some, they already have the camps prepared ….

UPDATE 11/05/09:  ELEVEN more videos of school kids being forced to praise Obama have emerged! They are posted on



  1. it looks like the school (where the new Obama song came from) has a history of controversial anti-conservative political news-making. Fox just reported a 2007 terrorism drill they performed, where the terrorists were “New Crusaders”, a Christian Right-wing extremist group.


  2. […] for ridiculous reasons. Oh, and you can’t forget the new threat: Our children are forced to worship Obama through drills and song. With all these points of (and consequences of) the liberal agenda being pushed in schools, I […]

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