Posted by: inforodeo | December 9, 2009

Identity Theft

I was reviewing my bank account earlier tonight to see why the balance had dropped unexpectedly, and I found a strange thing that prompted a lengthy call to the bank (because of their inefficiency in transferring me to the correct department for the right state, etc) and some amateur detective work on my part.

Because I still feel violated and don’t want others to suffer this feeling, I am going to post all the details of this company online for all to see, along with my conclusion and some of the tools I used to reach that conclusion.

This shouldn’t be a problem, since all my posting will do is express my opinion and gather data that was all freely available online in the first place.

First, the company.  Gotta love the information banks put on your statement:

[Date]   PURCHASE [Esoteric Numerical Transaction Identifier] ON [Date the alleged transaction took place] AT DIGIQUALITY.BIZ 517-759-1231 MI    -$[Debited amount].

Got that? Some place calling themselves DIGIQUALITY.BIZ stole my money! They list Michigan as their place of business, and provide a phone number 517-759-1231.

The first thing I did was to look at my other transactions. Some online bill pay options charge a separate amount for their “convenience fee” (i.e. you pay them for the convenience of not hiring real people to take your payment). I wanted to make sure I didn’t do any recent online transactions on that account that may have had a convenience fee. Fortunately, this was my card I use for PayPal transactions, not the one I use to pay bills. That narrowed it down pretty quickly.

The next step was to see who this “biz” was. I went to their website and found a screensaver-scam site. Immediately I knew I was facing pure evil. I also knew it was fraudulent because I never buy screensavers.

Next, I ran an NPA-NXX search to see who owned the phone prefix. The search provided the following data:

AreaCode/Prefix (Exchange) 517-759
AreaCode/Prefix 517-759        Details
NPA/Area Code:     517            NXX Use Type:     WIRELESS
NXX/Prefix:     759                    NXX Intro Version:2003-02-09
City:     ADRIAN                        New NPA:
State:     MI                              Latitude:     41.8938
County:     LENAWEE                Longitude:     -84.0351
County Population:     102033  LATA:     340
ZIP Code:     49221                  Overlay:
ZIP Code Count:     0                Rate Center:     ADRIAN
ZIP Code Freq:     -1     Switch CLLI:     ADRNMIAMCM2
FIPS:     26091     OCN:     2224
Observes DST:     Unknown     CBSA Code:     10300
Time Zone:     Eastern (GMT -05:00)     CBSA Name:     Adrian, MI

NPA-NXX queries provide some useful information (City, State), but because of Local Number Portability (LNP) a prefix registered under one carrier (or type of carrier) may actually be with a different area carrier. Additionally, because of VoIP services, a phone number really could go to someone anywhere – the city and state listed for the prefix may be in a completely different state.

I called the number. A message came on with a woman in a very thick Asian accent asking me to email them at:

I wasn’t about to send them an email. That would have given them more of my personal information. Instead, I called my bank.

While I was on hold, I did a “Who-Is” search of the domain name. Who Is can sometimes be useful if the domain owner used a real address, but more often than not – especially in fraudulent businesses – the information simply lists a proxy service name. The following information was useless:

Billing Contact ID:                               43817531V
Billing Contact Name:                          Anderson Bill
Billing Contact Address1:                    ATTN insert domain     name here
Billing Contact Address2:                    care of Network Solutions
Billing Contact City:                             Drums
Billing Contact State/Province:            PA
Billing Contact Postal Code:                18222
Billing Contact Country:                       United States
Billing Contact Country Code:              US
Billing Contact Phone Number:            +1.5707088780

My apologies for tying “Bill Anderson” to this scam, but (if the name really even represents a real person) he knew what he was getting into when he got into the “hiding the bad guys” business.

I called the number “just in case”, but as expected, 570.708.8780 simply goes to the Network Solutions proxy service, and advises the caller contact via the provided email instead.

Sometimes a regular web search (with quotes!) can be helpful. Since the name is somewhat unique, I submitted “” on Google, and received a handful of results that provided more information. For example:

There was a listing for businesses filed the week of 10/19/09 in Ingham County, MI (less than 2 months ago!). The listing provided a physical address and other information:

File #:      D-0091650
Address:  5053 MADISON AVE
OKEMOS, MI 48805

There was also a listing of domain names created on 08/03/2009 provided by that showed DIGIQUALITY.BIZ.

After the phone call where I got the heavy-accent woman, I suspected the actual business may reside outside the U.S, so I downloaded Analog X’s HyperTrace and did a search to see where queries to that web page bounced from. It gave me a lot of timeouts, so I gave up on that search. (Usually it works fairly well).

The information gathered by this point had given me the following:

  • The business was probably a scam (screensavers)
  • They didn’t want to be found (domain proxy service, cell phone message directing to email, and I suspect if I went to the address listed it would be a mail service “box store”)
  • The amount of the transaction was low, indicating their MO is probably to scam a huge number of people with small amounts in the hopes that they can avoid trouble, that people won’t notice, or that people won’t care.
  • The business owner did not speak English as a first language (as evidenced by their name “Paptrick” and the message they have on their cell phone).
  • The  business created their webpage in August and didn’t file (or the filing wasn’t processed) their business papers in Michigan until October. It is a new business.
  • They have my debit card information.

The bank finally got me to the right person. I learned that the company had done an “online pinless transaction”, meaning they had my debit card number but not my PIN. The type of transaction seemed to be a recurring fee (like a subscription). The bank also said sometimes these places buy card information, and that is probably what happened.

The bank cancelled the card and will investigate.

UPDATE: I believe, and it sounds like numerous banks have believed, this company is a fraud.  I need to say, however, that I would LOVE for someone to come forward and provide details on how this business might be legitimate … because right now this blog is pretty biased against them, and I’d like to be able to provide an alternate view.  That way readers could decide for themselves.



  1. I just received a charge from them yesterday. Looked them up and was directed to your blog. I am in the process of contacting my bank to have these charges removed.

    • i suspect a lot of people won’t notice these charges because they are so small, and it’s a new company so it will take awhile for anyone to catch on.
      i wish i lived near their business address so i could see if they actually have a storefront.

  2. I notice this charge today from this company for $4.91 on my bank account . I called the bank they cancelled the card and after it completly posts they will get the fraud dept on to it .

  3. I suppose I ought to ask this, too:


    in the interest of fairness, i’m curious to see if this business has any real business.

    • I was looking on my online account statement and saw a charge for $4.91. I knew this was nothing that I had used or even looked up before…so I called my bank immediately and they are removing the charges. This is terrible!!! How can this even happen? It really pisses me off! After talking with the bank I decided to look up this so- called “” and I found that others had the same exact problem. What a scam!!!

  4. Just noticed a 7.91 charge to my VISA, called the bank. They called the phone number listed while I googled When they came back on line I read to them the Dec 9, 2009 posting. They confirmed “a woman’s voice with a thick Asian accent” was on the recording. Card cancelled and being turned over the Fraud Dept.

  5. I also got one of these today!! Mine was for a $ 7.91 charge! I am calling my back as we speak!!!

  6. I too got a $4.91 charge. Called my bank and their description of the business did not match anything I recall buying.
    Like inforodeo above, I did a reverse check on the number and it came up as a cell phone number. Strange for a business customer support to go to a cell phone. I called the number (from a public phone so not to divulge my phone number) and got the same recording.
    I passed to bank fraud dept and had charges suspeded to that card. I have heard that sometimes small charges are “pinged” to accounts and if they take, they are followed by a large charge.

  7. What I suspect is that we all order from an online site using our cards , and either that site was hacked and are info was exposed and sold to this group of scammers.

    I can tell you I order from a few computer shops , and overstock with this card that got hit with the fraud charges. So I think it was either one of these sites that had our info stolen .

  8. Got a charge of $4.91 this month – just as you described. Thanks for all the info in this posting. I cancelled my card.

    I’ve heard that scammers will sometimes take a small charge as a test – then take a big one later. We don’t want to give these guys any Christmas “presents!”

  9. I too have been hit with a $4.91 charge. If you go to their website and claims that they sell 3D screen savers. I’m guessing its all a front, called the number to and got the same message everyone else did! Cancelled the credit card #….Bastards! and $4.91 is below my banks threshold for reimbursement to me and I have to pay $10 for a new card!!

  10. They got me too. $4.91 charged on 12/18/09. This was my business credit card that I rarely ever use, so I wonder what website they hacked to get this information.

  11. Still going on. Hit for $4.91 today. Called bank and cancelled card. Thanks for this Blog.

  12. We just got hit too for 7.91. I called the number and it is now out of service. I emailed them that I want a response and a correct phone number before I give them any information. I will keep you posted if something happens, sounds like the operation has already closed shop. Our bank is looking into it too.

    FRUSTRATING, I just don’t want anymore deduction surprises! Has anyone had two deductions or just one?

  13. This happened to me too. A charge for $7.91. I am glad I found this page!

  14. This has happened twice to me. Same company. They are buying lists from somewhere and charging small amounts. I actually have not heard of them charging large amounts later. I don’t think it is a “test” charge. I think they do this to thousands of people, rarely get caught, and make a killing. It is fraud- I’m not remotely concerned about being sued for slandering their company. They have charged me twice for a PC screensaver. I don’t own a PC. THey are a complete and total scam, no legit products, they are a front for a international scam.

  15. I was hit with $7.91 charge. Called bank to resolve. ugh so frustrating!!!

  16. I did a search for “” and this blog came up. I had a $4.91 charge as well and had to cancel my card. Great.
    Very helpful post, thank you.

  17. I was charged for 4.91 from these scammers on Jan. 4th, I just called my credit union and canceled my card. Because it was such a small charge, the representative told me that they can’t file a fraud report.

  18. This just happend to me as well… I will not document the amount or my personal infor to keep it quiet and not give them any more info about me.

    A very small amount has been charged. My account has been captured and cancelled. They’ll catch these people. IP tracing will come in handy. EVERYTHING HAS A TRAIL. Idiots just don’t realize it.

  19. Same thing happened to me 4.91 cahrge,I called found out it was an online transaction I didnt authorize,I googled the “”name hoping to find a number so I could call and go completely apeshit on whoever answered the phone,instead I found this blog and immedaitely cancelled my atm, the funny thing about these people is that they are absolute cowards,because if they came up to me face to face they would have alot harder time sealing my money I dont care if its a dollar,im so pissed,people got some balls,good thing for them im not heading to Michigan anytime soon

  20. I just got hit too by this and on my paypal debit which is completely pain because paypal makes purposely as difficult as possible for you to dispute it.

    The question is, where did this vendor randomly get all of our cards from?

    Only place I recently used my card was with geico insurance over the phone. By any chance is that a pattern for anyone else going through this? Did you give your card to geico? I also recently bought something at an auto-parts store but that’s about it.

    Trying to remember what I charged in december but I will have to look it up.

    • mine happened to my paypal card too.

  21. I was scammed for $4.91 also. I called the bank and they are taking care of it. The only problem is that if you have automatic payments taken out using your debit card you have to make new arrangements since the new card will have a different number. The bank also told me if you don’t close the card you will most likely receive another $80 fee in a few weeks. So you really don’t have a choice unless you want to lose $85.

  22. got hit with at $4.91 charge today. googled the company and was immediately directed to this blog! thank you!

    Bank of America was on the case as they immediately refunded my money, filed a fraud report and cancelled my card to reissue a new one.

    thank you!

  23. I got a charge on my buisness card, i got a call from my account manager. seeing as we keep miles of paper work for every transaction we make it was really easy to see that neither my self or my boss had purcahsed anything from this “company” it was only a small amount and it was the first one. their mistake Messing with one of the largest companies in the world. i see a grim future for this guy and i hope he does down hard because he just caused me an rediculous amount of paper work and head aches!

  24. Noticed an outstanding authorization for $4.91. Phoned bank, they said I would have to dispute charge.

    Google’d to this blog, called the bank with info and canceled card.

    We need to find out who is selling our card #. My last charge was to an online headshop in N.Y., but it was through google checkout???

    • i’ve wondered too. the card my charges were on was one i rarely use for anything other than ebay and infrequent other online purchases.

  25. I also discovered this charge, like everyone on this post, I’ve also contacted my bank about canceling these charges and have them debit it back to me

  26. Got nailed as well for 4.91 @ 1.06% US exchange on Jan 10th. I’ve only used it with reputable sites and stores for about 15 transactions over a year.

    First line at Visa said it was only for 5.21 so she thought it was a valid charge especially since I had a good rating with them. As if my credit had something to do with someone making a fraud transaction…?

    After a minute of arguing with her, got sent to the fraud dept. and they cancelled it immediately…

  27. I just got a charge on my card of 1.91 something needs to be done. I cancelled my car

  28. I got an email from my credit card company asking me to approve or disapprove the 4.91 charge. Luckily for me it is on a card that I rarely use anymore. But it seems a scam to me!

  29. I just got a $1.91 charge–did like everyone else and research it cam to this website. I also cancelled my card and getting a new one.

  30. I just got charge to my card 4.91 after taking to my bank I cancelled my card. Something needs to be done.

  31. The US Navy Supply Command at Pearl Harbor just got hit for $4.91. We contacted the bank and reported it to the Fraud Unit. We have closed our account and requested a new one. Thank you everyone for confirming this fraud.

  32. I also had a charge of $4.91. Cancelled my card and was refunded the money by my bank. Of course, I had to pay a $7.50 card fee, so I lost a bit of money!

  33. Does anybody know of anything that is being done to catch who is behind Bank of america said they will turn it over to the fraudulent dept -I wonder what can be done?

  34. I just checked my bank account – which I haven’t checked for about 2-3 months since we hardly ever use that account any more. Last time I looked in there, we had $189. When I looked about 15 minutes ago, our balance in now $2!!!! What in the world!? I’m glad that I’m not the only one – that I found other people who had the same experience to exchange information on. I don’t know how long ago these charges began since my bank website won’t show anything more than just this one charge. Hopefully I’m not too late to contest the charges and get our money back!

  35. I have a $4.91 charge pending. The bank has stated it was a transaction to this company and gave me a MI location. Not very helpful. I doubt the banks (any of them) will do much about it. These debits must be credited to an account somewhere. Why don’t the banks apply pressure to the account holding bank? Or is that too simply?
    By the way the current “going rate” for our information is around 50cents.

  36. my account was hit today…i did a search and this site came up, thank you for the information.

  37. $4.91 on mine too. What a hassle — having to get a new card. Sure hope they catch these crooks.

  38. $4.91 charge from on 1/17. Called the bank and they said it was manually punched in. The bank is crediting back the charges and looking into it, I’m getting another card.

  39. Yea I am part of the club now do I get a t- shirt or something? They got me for $4.91 so I get to change my debit card and go through hasslesauce for days.

  40. I am wondering what we all have in common Skype Maybe? that is the only thing I have ever payed through paypal with that card

  41. I was hit by a 4.91 charge today. Does anyone know the compromise point yet? I doubt my card was skimmed, or my card was compromised by spyware. I suspect my card number was purchased in a block of numbers from a security breach of a retail sales outlet.

  42. I was charged $7.91 as well. Calling bank on Monday to get charge removed. Second time I’ve been charged by someone I’ve never given my information to.

  43. I was charged $7.91 on my Paypal card; going after the crooks

  44. I have just been charged $1.95. the wired thing that my debit card was canceled a month ago but they have been able to use my debit even it has been canceled. I live in Hamden, CT but last month I went to California, San Diego. I beleive that a store is selling the card numbers.

  45. I got charged $1.91 but it was to my Business PCard so I got an email notification to sign off on the charge, since I only use it a couple of times a year, I knew it was bogus immediately. I ended up cancelling both my business and personal cards since I had both registered with most of the on-line merchants that I do business with, and didn’t want to take a chance. Thanx for the info, good luck

  46. I just found a charge of 4.91 today on my card. Also called the bank to see what happened. Unfornately, they didn’t have much more information but the “business name & phone number”, so I decided to investigate on my own. My story is EXACTLY like all of yours. I’m mad, sad and getting a having to get a new debit card today!!!!!!

  47. I was just hit with a 7.91 charge on Thursday. As soon as they open tomorrow, I’m giving my bank a nasty call to see what they can do about this.

  48. Just received a $4.91 charge on my account too. Thanks for the blog. Just cancelled my card with my bank. What a pain in the butt! I don’t think I’ll order anything online anymore.

  49. Thank you for your investigation on this scam. I too had a charge for $4.91 on 2/8/10. I called my credit union about the charge and got additional information and then googled which gave me the info I needed from this wonderful blog. I called their number and got a recording of a very thickly accented Asian woman that said they couldn’t come to the phone and to leave a message.

    I then called back my credit union and got a different very uncooperative customer no service rep. She wasn’t interested in checking this blog for info on how this scam works and said since it was less than $10 there wasn’t anything they could do. That set me off! I asked for a supervisor and she said I got wrong info and I simply need to stop in at one of their branches and fill out a fraud report. They then would credit back the $4.91 if the fraud checks out. I will be doing that tomorrow. Thankfully, my credit union just issued new debit cards and the charge was from the old debit card that has been closed.

    If you are being stonewalled by your bank or credit union don’t let them get away with it. Ask for a supervisor or talk with the CFO’s office. It’s bad enough being ripped off without having your financial institution being an accessory to the fraud. Persevere my friends!

  50. Same thing happended to me today. A small balance of $4.91 I wouldn’t have really noticed except I didn’t recognize the company. It is sad to me that I have to get a new debit card because people can’t go out and make an honest living with their own two hands like I do. Im starting to think that Cash only purchases are the way to go.

  51. Found your blog after searching on this. Still going on, apparently. Had a charge of $7.91 on 2/5/10 to DIGIQUALITY.BIZ.

    Called up HSBC, had the amount refunded and a new card issued. Did anyone ever find a common thread? A particular site that might have got hacked or something?

  52. I got hit with it too. $4.91 to Thanks for this post to help confirm it’s a scam.

  53. The $4.91 fraud has been perpetrated against my bank’s account, as well; the difference is my bank is not taking this fraud seriously. I guess I’ll have to have the state att’y gen’l look into the company and my bank’s incompetence. Seems someone would have gotten this halted between last fall & now…

  54. I got charged $1.91. Canceled my card and am getting a new one. The bank reimbursed me but this is ridiculous. Lots of people mentioned paypal in some one. Is it possible the security breach was with paypal because I know I use it for online purchases pretty frequently,

  55. I was also frauded of $1.91
    I found alot of info about the address listed on the business filing. It is an apartment building with 4 units. I found an email of someone living in the apartment, and when I get home I will contact him to see what he knows.
    The other strange thing is, I found 4 phone numbers to the same address. 5053 madison Ave. Okemos Mi.

  56. I got the same charge too from DIGIQUALITY.BIZ 517-759- 02/11DIGIQUALI.
    $4.91. will call my bank right now.

  57. I was hit with $4.91 on 2/14/10. I play poker online. Could online gaming possibly be the commonality? Has anyone been hit with a second transaction?

  58. My debit card was charged $4.91. When I searched for company info i found this blog. Thanks to your blog, I canceled the card. What a pain!! The only suspicious previous charge that may be responsible was for a cell phone battery last month.

  59. Just found a 1.91 fee on my bank statement today. This card isn’t my PayPal card and I haven’t purchased from anywhere new lately – except the local video store. I just signed up as a member a few days ago. The rest of my purchases were from my regular shops – grocery stores, gas stations, etc.
    My card number is saved on Amazon and no where else.
    Oh well – the strip was getting worn from overuse anyway. I guess it was time for a new one.

    • I too have my information saved on Amazon. How many of you have used Amazon?

  60. Just another victim for $4.91. If anyone finds out where they can be found, please let me know. I’ve got something for them. And i assure all of you it would NEVER happen again. Terminate with extreme prejudice. No one should EVER take something that doesn’t belong to them.

    Thanks for the preliminary investigation. I’ll now start the bank rodeo and try to get this straightened out.

  61. Yep, me too. $4.91 on 2/17/2010 USAA was great though, quick “bing-bam-boom” cancel # sent me new card. ARRRRRG! Frustrating, but USAA’s a great bank to help.

  62. I noticed a $4.91 charge to my checking account. I did a search on and I found this blog. I went straight to my bank and cancelled by debit card. The bank is going to put the word out to their other branches and on Monday they will contact the state’s Attourney General’s office. I realize that it’s only a small amount and it won’t put me in the poor house but I’d like to see scum like this get squashed.

  63. You guessed it, I got hit today! So, if this has been going on for awhile, and all these banks know about it, why aren’t any fraud departments stopping this? And, where is all our money going?? Haven’t they found the bank it’s getting deposited into??
    GRRR!!!! My whole checking acct is on hold and my cards are all void now. Such a pain!
    I hope this person is busted soon!!!

  64. This is a great site. I got hit with $4.91 (and an international transaction fee!) this month. I queried it with the bank, who were great and are investigating it. After looking at your site I cancelled my card. I reckon a lot of people won’t even notice this small charge on their credit card statements. Hope they can catch the lousy so and sos.

  65. Last night got an email from Bank of America that my husband’s debit card had been used to make a purchase at for $4.91. I track all CC charges via email alert – even the $1 charges.

    He only uses the card at Wal-mart, Wal-Greens, US Post Office, at the pump at gas stations, and at times at fast food where he swipes the card himself. Sometimes the clerk swipes but always right in front of him where he can view the transaction. Never has it been used on the internet or phone. He always uses it as a CC & never enter the PIN.

    Wonder how they got his debit card number. This card is only about 3 mo old.

    Transaction date: 02/26/2010*
    Amount: $4.91

    Immediately canceled card and called bank this AM to dispute charge. Told them BofA was mentioned in this Blog & problem has been going on for months. Asked why these thieves were still being allowed to do business. They said they’d investigate.

    Our new plan is to carry enough cash or alternate CC. If the transaction does not go through where we swipe ourselves, we pay a different way. We’re not handing a card to anyone any more.

  66. Did anyone make an online donation to any organization before their card was “hit?” Trying to narrow down any causes — it’s the only thing I can think of as to how my number was stolen (someone hacking into a non-for-profit site)

    • I did on 1-10…. to the American Red Cross for earthquake relief.. then on 1-28 I was charged the bogus charge of 4.91.

  67. “2/25/2010, Miscellaneous Transaction, DIGIMARK.BIZ 517-759-1231 MI, $4.91”

    What disturbs me the most, is that this card is really new… I let the ATM chew up the old one a few months ago. Nearly all of my purchases since were in person, not online. I’ve literally only bought a song online with the card since then, and that from Amazon, who should be trusted. (right?) I had a paypall charge, too, but Paypal goes directly through the bank account without using the debit card. If these scammers were using paypal info, wouldn’t it come across as a transfer, rather than a debit deduction?

    I’m going in to my credit union today to deliver a signed statement and pick up a new card, and I’ll see if I can learn anything more about the charge.

    I suspect either JC was right, above, when he suggested a security breach in a retail store, OR these people are just trying numbers at random and seeing what they get. If the latter is the case, what’s to stop them from randomly hitting the card I’m about to go pick up?

    In any case, lets hope they can be stopped soon. This has definitely gone on too long!

    Paranoid and Annoyed

    • I really need to make some sort of survey or something so we can see what online merchant is tied to all of these.

      In browsing through everyone’s comments, it seems like Amazon might be the common link.

      I wonder if there were enough of us working together, they could be hit with a lawsuit or something?

      • Since I can download the past 12 months, I should be able to sort in Excel. At least I know Amazon and Paypal are not on out list.

      • Please everyone contact the Better Business Bureau and report the business. I did and at least I am getting a response, only because I don’t think they want to be caught. There are no other complaints about so the BBB doesn’t know there is a problem. I noticed the 4.91 charge last month and got my credit union to remove it and send it to the Visa fraud dept. I have filed an official complaint with the BBB and the company is trying to cover their butt. Please file a complaint if this has happened to you fraudulently.

      • Which Better Business Bureau did you report to? We’ve contacted the Chamber of Commerce in a nearby town. Okemos, MI, is unincorporated. They will be getting back to us with info on how to determine if it is a legitimate business, police or sheriff contact info etc. Will post when we get it. BoA claims said it was possible someone simply keyed our number incorrectly when processing a legitimate transaction. Hum…I wonder.

  68. Went online to Bank of American and checked my husband’s debit card. It is helpful because you can sort by transaction type and I limited it to his card. Reviewed the past 12 months. I was wrong that it was never used online. There were two transactions. One for embroidery designs and one for fabric. No Amazon, no Paypal. There are lots of Wal-Mart, Save-A-Lot (grocery) gas stations (pay at pump) USPS for postage a few fast food where he swipes himself and our local Vet (we watch the swipe). Since the thieves had his name, number and expiration date, wonder how they got that? Has some business data base been hacked?

  69. Like the rest of you, I have been charged $4.91 on my credit card, unlike most of you however I am a poor college student and the charge immediately caught my attention. After reading this site, I called my bank, which offered to help me establish a fraudulent charge once I called the company. I knew after reading all of your comments that calling the company would probably prove fruitless, but I agreed with the woman and did so anyways. When I called the number, something I saved just in case, I was greeted by a message recording that sounded like a thick accented Indian woman. I am frustrated and I think that this blog is a brilliant way of getting the information out there, as a criminal justice student I also know that this is considered a cyber crime and the perpetrator could be seriously prosecuted if convicted (which with the overwhelming amount of evidence would be the likely outcome.) Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this blog, it’s been a massive help and I know the first thing that I will be doing tomorrow after classes: making a fraud report and getting a new card. Ugh, this is not what I wanted to be doing the week of midterms.

    Thanks everyone!

    • Also, I forgot to mention. The only things I’ve used my card for in the past fifteen days have been to: gas station, i-tunes, sheetz, panera, starbucks, and a couple fast food restaurants.

  70. Just wanted to let you know this is still happening. Found a $1.91 charge on my checking account today. It was from my debit card from 02/27. Like everyone else I never used or heard of the company before and I canceled my card. I’ve been trying since this morning when I first read this blog to see any connection and I’m just not sure. I have used the card on Amazon, and it is saved there but hasn’t been used in a couple of years. In fact I just checked and it has my old expiration date. I admit I am registered with Pay Pal as well although this was not a Pay Pal card. I also do a lot of online shopping, but have never had a problem. Not sure why nothing has been done about this company, but I would guess it’s because the amounts are so small.

  71. Mine happened a couple of days after I donated to a political organization. First there was a $5 charge to a candidate in Florida I’ve never heard of but that charge did not go through as they did not have my correct info – just the card #

    The man in Florida said someone was using the name “Bill Gates” to make the charges. Next there was a $10 from Skype that never went through and finally the $4.91 charge from .Biz that did go through so I finally cancelled my card.

    I do have an Amazon account but none of my info is stored there. Also have Pay Pal but it is rarely used.

    I agree with reporting the BBB – it’s definitely a start! Grrr… there’s no telling who has our numbers with the amount of outsourcing America does plus people right here who are rip off artists! That’s a world of thievery!

    • I have filed with the BBB, according to their website, once a complaint has been filed the company has 30 business days to respond. I think it would be good if we all filed complaints, let the BBB know how big of an issue this is. Here’s the link to file a compalint on the BBB if anyone needs it.

      I’m also in the process of contacting the Attorney General’s office for both my state and MI. If we don’t do something this company will not stop.

  72. Just hear back from the Williamston Chamber of Commerce. We intend to try these avenues next:

    Hi Betty,

    I called our local police department here in the City of Williamston. He gave me a website that you should go to and follow the steps on that website. or click on this link:

    He said you need to call your local police department with this information and they will follow through on reporting it to the local officials here in Michigan.

    He said it’s good that you are following through on this, because this person may start with small charges, and if you don’t notice, it could go on to bigger things/charges.

    Also, when I searched on Madison Avenue in Okemos, Michigan, the address is to an apartment complex.

    Best of luck. Thanks for being so diligent!

  73. I will file w/the BBB link above and check with the Arkansas Attorney General’s office.

    (1) have called and put a 90 day security alert with the three major reporting agencies

    (2) filed a police report locally and they will interface with the MI authorities.

    (3) have filed a FTC complaint.

    (4) Gave the site a negative rating in all areas with WOT (Web of Trust)

    All the above after I cancelled the debit card and filed a caset with Bank of America. I encourage all others to do the same.

  74. Well, I just got hit with a $1.91(3/3/2010) charge on my debit card. I did a search for the company and this site came up. I immediately called my bank and canceled my card.They are doing a fraud report. I sure wish we could figure out were they are getting our card numbers. I have read some of the places people said they use their card and I use mine about in the same ways….Post office, Amazon, payapl, embroidery designs, fabric like Joanns. I don’t use it for gas or wal-mart. I have not donated any money to a cause. It would really be good if some did a poll to see if there is any connection. I will call BBB also and report them.

  75. Totally amazing that this company is still ongoing Just got a charge from them and cancelled the card. Very few places this card was used so not sure how they got it.

  76. 3/8/2010, DIGIMARK.BIZ 517-759-1231 MI, $4.91
    They’re still doing it. Thanks SO much for posting all the information!! We’ll file a complaint with the bbb.

  77. They’re still at it. Just got hit for $4.91. I use this card for Amazon and the grocery store only and never had a problem until now. Have to get new debit card now which is a real hassle. It’s costing me more to replace the card than they actually took from the account. When I reported it to Chase the customer service rep just sounded bored – like she’s been through this same scenario so many time now. Don’t know why this website hasn’t been flagged by the banks by now if this has been going on since at least December 2009.

  78. 3/09/10 my debit card was used for a $4.91 purchase from Rarely use this card online. While I have paypal and amazon, it’s not linked to this card. I may have purchased embroidery designs, that makes 3 of us who mentioned that. I checked the and they don’t show any complaints for this company. I was notified by my bank of this charge. So they must be aware of the company. Of course the card was cancelled.

  79. I also got hit with a $4.91 debit charge on my debit card from Michigan. Three days later a $29.90 hit from a both scams. I will talk to the bank tomorrow. Thanks for the good information on this website.

  80. I received a letter of response from via the BBB stating they were sorry abiout the mix up and to contact them if I indeed did not make a purchase with them.

    I checked “NO” on whether or not I accepted their response because if I call them or email them they will have more of my information – something I do NOT want. So I asked them to send a letter of clearance through BBB and to return my money.

    They are feeling the heat thanks to everyone here as well they should.

  81. You know…I am guessing the screen savers (Digiquality’s business apparently) that pop up when you visit certain sites are indeed infecting computers immediately.

    When I visited the Food Network site today one popped up and I thought that was quite strange seeing as the Food Netowrk really would not carry that sort of advertising.

    Hoping Digiquality doesn’t have my new # now!

  82. still going on 3/17/2010 charge for $4.91 cancelled card I have used Amazon and have made 2 different donations after the Haiti earthquake very frustrating

  83. yes,they got me too.For $1.91 .I bought something at G Guess at fox valley mall.and I also ordered a swifter sweeper online.did anyone do the same?My bank is looking in to it.

  84. same 4.91 ripoff! canceled card

  85. We just went to Florida and I got home checked account and had a charge of 4.91.

  86. Me too. $7.91. Bank is challenging it.

    I recommend that everyone set up a dummy email account and name and keep it handy for communicating with scum like this.

  87. Thanks for your investigation into this. It was very helpful. I was also hit 3 days ago for $4.91. Card cancelled. Will also file a complaint!

  88. I just noticed that I too was charged 7.91 by As I did not recognize the company I looked them up on the internet and found all the complaints and knew I had been scammed. I called the bank immediately and had my debit card cancelled.

  89. Thanks for this blog. I just got hit for $ 4.91 too.
    Canceled USAA card. They were quick and helpful. Hope someone finally gets these guys.

  90. Just got hit for $4.91.

    Contact the Attorney General’s Office, Fraud Department in your State, as well as your bank!

  91. Good luck to anyone trying to get back their money from Digiquality. I filed a complaint with the BBB and Digi sent a letter through the BBB saying I did purchase a screensaver but if I wanted a refund I needed to give them my info – NO WAY. So the BBB shut down my case and my bank won’t refund or check into the matter any further.

    • I received the same response from the BBB. I told them to send documentation that I purchased this product. Nothing… of course, so the BBB dropped the action. I hope that if people keep filing complaints that will get the BBB more interested to look further. Luckily for me my credit union refunded me and pursed the matter through the Visa fraud department. Haven’t heard on that yet… Keep filing complaints!!!

  92. I also think now it was a purchase through in January…

  93. I too had this charge pop up. I noticed it back in Feb. Filed a report with my local law agency. The bank decided to cancel my card before I could adjust autopayments that are done from my card. The bank still has yet to reimburse my 4.95 that was taken as well as the late fees and non payment charges that occurred from the cancellation of the card. I hope they find these people and the lawsuit comes out. I think we should all get extra for pain and pestering.

  94. To the original poster – thank you for providing this information. It’s nice (I suppose) knowing that I’m not the only one who has fallen victim to the scam. However, my situation has taken an interesting turn…

    I was charged $7.91 on 02/05/10. I called my bank, Chase, while the charge was still pending, and was told to contact the fraud department once the charge had cleared. I did so, and was immediately refunded the amount. Like most of you, I had to deal with the hassle of canceling my debit card as well. After that, it was an out-of-sight, out-of-mind situation, until today…

    I received a letter today from Chase informing me they that they were reversing the credit because the merchant provided them with information that I had authorized the charge. At least Chase was nice enough to provide me with copies of the documents they received from the so-called merchant. The information provided on these faxes collaborates a great deal of the information many of you have been generous enough to share. There are two specific items of interest:

    1. A Chargeback Notification which was mailed from Chase/Merchant Services to the following address:

    Alternative Investments
    PO Box 73
    Alternative Investments
    Okemos, MI

    I can only assume that “Alternative Investments” is the company responsible for (And as of this time of this post, I cannot access because the website times-out).

    It also appears that this Chargeback Notification was faxed to Chase/Merchant Services from a Fedex Kinkos with the following phone number: 517-347-8658. A simple Google search returns the address of that Kinkos, also located in Okemos:

    Fedex Kinko’s Office & Print
    2243 W Grand River Ave
    Okemos, MI,

    2. Attached to this Chargeback Notification was a print out of my fraudulent transaction from Authorize.Net. This print out included my billing information – my first and last name, my address, and zip code. So, not only did obtain my debit card information, but my name and address as well.

    Based upon their website, Authorize.Net appears to be a legitimate company. Depending upon the outcome of my conversation with my bank tomorrow, I might contact Authorize.Net so that they know they are doing business with a company that is defrauding innocent individuals. At this point, it’s not about the money; it’s the principle of the issue.

    Contact info for Authorize.Net:

    Authorize.Net’s BBB listing:

    Many of you have mentioned Amazon as the source of our information, and I’m inclined to believe that this is the case in my situation. My debit card was on file with Amazon, although rarely used. Also, I commonly use a nickname as opposed to my legal name. My nickname is on file with Amazon, and Amazon by default uses my nickname for my billing address. In all other transactions where I am prompted to provide my billing address, I use my legal name. Amazon is the only instance where my nickname is used as opposed to my legal name.

    Anyways, I hope this information can be of help to someone else who is dealing with this irritating situation. Best of luck to you, and I’ll be checking back often…

  95. They are now going by Same MO. I believe they are collecting valid card numbers to use for large scale ID theft. My credit card account is now closed. At my banks request, I have reported it to the King County sheriff. I’m in Washington State.

  96. Thank you so much for your blog. I was reconciling the credit card statements here at work and noticed a charge for $4.91 3/19/10 from on my company card. I didn’t recognize the name so decided to try the website. A link to your blog came up. I immediately contacted the bank. Thank you so much!!!

  97. Yikes! Never thought it would happen to me, but it did… I am studying overseas. I don’t bother to log into my US bank, since I haven’t used my debit card in more than a year. The paper statements they send take a coon’s age to get here.

    For some reason I had a look at the latest paper bank statement that I received. There was a debit charge for $4.91, and the transaction details list DIGIQUALITY.BIZ, a transaction number, and a reference MI MDSEXCILQ DEBIT CARD.

    Just emailed my bank to cancel my card, and attached this web link, so hopefully they can search all the other accounts for charges for this ‘company’.

    I tried to email a complaint to the BBB – and found it was an unfriendly user site. Oh well.
    I am bit puzzled as to how they got my debit card number, and I also feel a bit violated.

    However, many thanks to all who posted and shared their information on this site – much appreciated, and I will pursue the matter, even if it is only $4.91.

  98. Fucking stupid American Banking system.Why it’s happens to people.I saw the charges today 7.91.It means that in this country i can’t believe to anybody.
    Stupid people use banking system and i have the account in Bank of America, i was thinking that this is the best bank, but everything is bullshit.

    CHECKCARD 0502 DIGIQUALITY.ORG 517-759-1231 MI 24110390123286178700307

  99. Just when you thought the comments were dying down, I was hit for $4.91 yesterday (05/05/2010). Pursued with credit card company, will pursue with local law enforcement and all the usual identity theft tactics.

    Of note, I was charged by “ 517-759-1231 MI.” Looks like same phone number from above, different URL. Using TOR Browser, (no way was I going to visit that site from my home’s static IP Address) I went to the URL and saw they list a series of $7.91, $4.91 and $1.91 screen savers. A very “campy” website that just oozes scam: spelling errors on the front page, very vague and fruity mission statements regarding how customer oriented they are, 100% money back, “Our mission is to please our customers through the quality of our products and related services and to create a respected brand for our professionalism.” That last one really pi$$es me off.

    Website provides no location information, just a support form to send a message. Note: they list their hours of operation as 9am to 7pm Central time. Last I checked, Okemos is near Lansing, which is Eastern Time Zone. Maybe they’re just confused… OR DON’T ACTUALLY LIVE THERE! Also, they mention to send all technical and billing questions to an email address that is a broken image link. No email address provided. They provide a link for a “moneyback request” and of course want your Full Name, Email, Credit Card number and purchase subtotal. All email addresses referenced on the site are broken image links.

    From their “Refund Policy” page: “No refunds will be provided for physical goods (e.g., CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs) that have already shipped. Refunds will not be provided for either the cost of the item or shipping costs. We reserve the right to deny refund requests from any customers deemed to be abusing our Refund Policy.” Good luck actually trying to get your money back with statements like that!

    Checked address provided by OP in Google Maps, and unfortunately no Street View. In Bing Maps, the Birds Eye view shows a big retail store (Wal-Mart, per Google Maps). See some apartment buildings behind Wal-Mart in the imagery.

    Just writing this comment is boiling my blood all over again. To insinuate that I would be stupid enough to purchase screensavers at all is an insult. Anybody ordering from a website that looks like that needs to have their head examined.

    Thought I would share my research and experiences with everyone. Good luck to all dealing with this PITA (Pain in the @$$).

  100. I had my credit card number stolen and posted back in March. I wanted to say that I received a letter from an embroidery design merchant that said they were a victim of a theft of sensitive data information and they had contacted the FBI. Internet hackers were able to steal credit card info back to Feb. The letter said it is similar to several large scale attacks affecting 75,000 computer systems at 2,500 companies. The company says it no longer stores personal information in it’s database and it is now handled by a third party company. I think the lesson is to make sure the company you deal with online does not store your information in it’s computer. I am now going to ask companies if they do before I purchase, so that if the company gets hacked my information isn’t stored there.

  101. My charge of $4.91 was on my debit card
    account 4/11/10. My bank wasn’t real helpful
    when I called them.

  102. I too was hit with a $7.91 charge and cancelled the card. The fraud dept. at the bank will follow up. It’s amazing to see how far these people have gotten with this scam.

  103. Had a charge from DIGIQUALITY.ORG OKEMOS MI today for $4.91. I also have ordered from Amazon and had my CC# stored there. I canceled my card.

  104. I got hit today for $7.91! How can we let these people go on.

  105. We had a charge of $1.91 from show up, on the same day that we placed an order with a company that does screen printing & embroidery on t-shirts, etc.

  106. thanks for the blog!
    i noticed an odd $1.91 charge on my visa bill by DIGIQUALITY.ORG 517-759-1231 MI
    after 2 phone calls to the “asian woman”, i googled and wound up here.
    a call to the credit union and a new card is on the way.
    i can’t identify a connection throughout the victims, i do use this card for my paypal account, my american motorcyclist association membership and my amazon account. a few random purchases beyond those.
    if i can be of any help to catch these useless bastards, let me know!

  107. I’m next in line I guess $4.91

  108. digiquality is at it again got me for 4.91 on 6/12/2010. the only difference is its .org now. i filed a fraud calim with my credit union and ofcourse had to cancel my debit card. But look out guys they are doing it again

  109. 14 June 2010: Digiquality org Okemos, MI charged by card $1.91 yesterday. I called bank today and disputed the charge. I also cancelled that card.

  110. I’m surprised Digiquality hasn’t attached a pop-up to THIS page! Bank refunded the other purchases Digi made but never the $4.91 – how in the world are they saying any of us “authorized” these charges? Are they in with the banks?! Sheesh!

    So yes, Digiquality has popped up on many pages I’ve visited including The Food Network and HGTV – guess they’ve figured out away to attach themselves to legitimate pages. Instead of “X”ing out the page, I minimize the page, right click & delete (Windows). Not sure if that helps but so far no reocurring charges.

    BBB of no help, banks are of little help – how are these people doing what they do?!

    • They got me too! How do we stop them? Makes me so mad they can get away with this!

  111. Today is my birthday and I went online to check my bank acct like I do just about every day and I found a charge for $4.91 on my acct. I called my bank and they gave me a phone number stating it was from Okemos. I got the same recording, foreign lady and you couldn’t understand a thing she was saying. Called my bank, Independent Bank and told them what was going on, she was going to email everyone thru her bank about this. I used Amazon back at Christmas time. This was my debit card and I had to cancel it and the bank is issuing me a new one. The crap thing about it is, I only make $800 a month so $4 can get me a gallon of milk, loaf of bread and eggs for my kid! These people are making thousands off of us!!!!!

  112. Well, they’re still at it. Cancelled card. Reported to bank. No clue where they got their tenacles on me. Sadly, I guess that’s the risk of buying online. Would love to have 5 minutes with the source.

  113. Same problem, same small amount ($4.91). Only real difference is that my bank (USAA) called me about the charge. I guess that the company name raised a red flag in their fraud department.

  114. I’m the next one for the 4.91 charge. I hate BBB because they never do anything. Here is the FBI’s internet crime center – please leave a complaint here and lets flood the complaint center so they do something.


  116. I was also charged $4.91 on 7/18/2010 so this is still going on. I called to cancel my bank card. Thanks to all the people for the info in this blog. Very helpful in deed. I hope they catch this pig and let them rot in jail.

  117. Happened to me yesterday. The charge was $7.91. I called Customer Service and the bank cancelled the card and is issuing me a new one.

  118. I too was hit with a $4.91 charge on June 19, 2010.

  119. I too was hit with a $4.91 charge on June 19, 2010. Did not order anything from this company. Never heard of them before this happened. I cancelled out my card. I too have an account with Amazon, but also ordered something from a company called Star Crest out of California at the beginning of June 2010.

  120. Got a charge of $4.91 on July 19th from, this is a scam set up as a screensaver website. Notify the Internet Fraud Division of the FBI as I did and if this is as widespread as it seems they will investigate those responsible.

  121. They’re still at it.

  122. Same thing for me. Charge for 4.91 on July 21, 2010. Never heard from this company. Tried calling the number on my back statement and the number does not exist. I had to cancel my check card and get a new one.

  123. I have a pending charge from DIGIQUALITY.ORG in the amount of $4.91 and have already started the process of disputing the charge…if anything else hits my account then I’ll get a new card.

  124. I got it too, I looked up the name on google, and clicked on your link, The bank said that I have to wait for it to go through and then they will investigate it. I’m so annoyed. If it keeps happening, why doesn’t someone get the people who are doing it? It doesn’t make any sense why this continues to happen.

  125. I also got hit with a 4.91 charge on my credit card on 7/22/2010, had to cancel my credit card and get a new one issued. They must have gotten my card number from something that I ordered online.

  126. I got a charge on my account for $4.91 on July 26, 2010 after a purchase from Amazon through a 2nd party purchase. Canceled card.

  127. Hit for 4.91 July 27

  128. Today I saw a charge for 4.91. Called my bank who said I probably authorized it as part of something else that I didn’t read thoroughly. I don’t think so. Called the number, got the same Asian woman telling me to email. I will get no response from that I’m sure. Filed complaint with BBB and Attorney General.

  129. I too found a bogus charge of 7.91 for digiquality. I recently made a purchase from CELLULAR FACTORY.COM was processed through GOOGLE CHECKOUT and was also presented as ECHEN INC. If anyone else has this connection, I would like to know. This crap drives me mad, and I would love to see who has pulled this off.


  130. Follow up from previous post –
    I remember that I also have an Amazon account. I’m starting to get paranoid about this and assumed my info was stolen from my last online purchase (mentioned above). I had my debit# changed but have not been reimbursed for the bogus purchase.
    I feel a little better since I found this blog, but I’m shocked that nobody appears to be stopping these jerks, and that it has been going on for this long. No online purchases for me until this gets sorted out. Just telling you that your purchase is secure is not enough. The name DIGIQUALITY should set off bells and whistles at the banks, but its not happening. What about the Michigan States Attourney? or IC3?, do they really care?

  131. I too was hit for $7.91 on 7/19. Didn’t notice until I looked at my statement recently, am contacting the bank today and have my debit card cancelled. What a hassle! Hope these creeps can be caught!

  132. tried ripping me off back in February, and after contacting the bank’s fraud department, they refunded the charge. The Indiana Atty Gen’l referred the fraud complaint to the Michigan Atty Gen’l, who eventually said they couldn’t locate the company after unsuccessful phone calls and “Internet or other research” but came up empty on an address. I believe I gave them the Okemos information the originator of this thread had. Curiously, I just pulled up a saved copy, from July, from the whois URL from a post above, and it’s all Australian addresses…this is absolutely unbelievable that no one seems able to put a finger on these scumbags!

  133. My credit card information was electronically stolen while shopping at the Wal-Mart in Okemos, Michigan on December 17, 2011. While searching for information on who could have done this electronic fraud, I stumbled on this thread. I have lived in Okemos for many years and recognized the address above. Though the zip code is incorrect (it is actually the one used for post office boxes), the address itself is a fairly new condo development on a road that runs directly behind the Wal-Mart store in Okemos. So after reading this series of postings, I drove over and took pictures of the condo, its vehicles, and observed a Chinese man backing out of the driveway. Coincidence or not?

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  135. Howdy! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could find a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having trouble finding one?
    Thanks a lot!

  136. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though
    you relied on the video to make your point.
    You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us
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