Posted by: inforodeo | August 26, 2010

Hijacking MLK Jr to Advance an Agenda

I saw something this morning that made me sick. An organization produced a short video that shows clips of Martin Luther King Jr’s famous “I have a dream” speech between segments of Glenn Beck.

The video is on the website and attempts to carry on the leftist tradition of attacking Beck by using out of context sound bytes against misappropriated symbolism.

Think about it: Martin Luther King Jr spoke of equality – not of “changing the tide” or “overthrow”. He talked of true, simple equality – that all men are created equal so all men should be treated equally.

This group is attempting to portray Beck as anti-black, anti-Hispanic, full of hatred toward those who are not the same as him. By snipping little bits here and there, and taking advantage (as they usually do) of the common person’s ignorance (having never watched Beck) and apathy (“why look it up when they already told me what it says?”), this group portrays Beck’s message (which has yet to be announced) as one in opposition to King’s message.

What is known of Beck’s upcoming “8/28” event at the Lincoln Memorial is that it will include speeches by several diverse religious leaders. Would MLK Jr be offended by that? By religions walking hand in hand, equally supporting a common cause? King was, as we remember, a Baptist preacher. Is the anti-Beck crowd saying that King would have been bigoted and would have rejected a union between faiths?

The clips the group chose to air to make their point have context that was stripped of them. Each seems on the surface to underscore their point, but each fails upon close observation:

1. "this president, I think, has exposed himself as a guy over and over and over again who has a deep seated hatred for white people or the white culture, I don’t know what it is /[edit jump]/ this guy is, I believe, a racist."

I’ve showed it again and again on my blog, and Americans have to be living in a strange sheltered world to not see it: Obama and his administration have proved their racism! They let the Black Panthers (an anti-white terrorist organization) off the hook after displaying weapons at a polling place and shouting out, “prepare to be ruled by a black man, cracker!” The president himself called a mixed race police force “stupid” after they arrested a belligerent and uncooperative black man. Again and again politicians in the Obama Administration have been quick to scream “racism” in instances where a white person is seen to be at fault, while doing everything to avoid the label when it is any other minority.

Obama supporters have been even more vicious, labeling every opposition to the president and his policies as racist. Against Obamacare? You’re a racist (and we’ll use tax dollars to fund research to prove it!). Against flying a dog on a private jet funded by tax dollars? Racist! Indeed, the joke has been that all Americans are either Socialist or Racist.

2010-03-31-chronicle-cartoonSo I guess the question is, is Beck a racist because he points out the racist tendencies of another, or is he racist because he is white and said the word “racist”? 

They attempt to further inflame their point by using this snippet:

2. "every undocumented worker is an illegal immigrant, a criminal, and a drain on our dwindling resources".

Again, how is this statement even relevant? Beck isn’t saying he hates Mexicans or Nigerians or the French or the Chinese – he’s stating a fact: “undocumented worker” is just another way of saying “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien”. You can’t change that fact. Dropping “illegal” from the pronoun doesn’t suddenly make someone who has broken laws (and by necessity must continue breaking laws) “legal”.

He’s right about the economic burden. Yes, Illegal Immigrants help keep domestic produce rates down (but it’s also possible that a reduction of imports on produce might have the same effect). At the same time, if an “undocumented worker” runs a stop sign and T-bones your car, you had better have full coverage insurance or your mechanic and doctor aren’t going to get paid. If an illegal crossing the desert into Arizona gets heat stroke, the good folks in the state of Arizona have to pay that criminal’s medical costs or suffer the consequences when their hospitals go out of business, which has already happened.

I don’t like the idea of saying “this land is our land, stay out”, and fortunately that isn’t what the debate is about. Each year thousands of immigrants do get to come to America, and they do so legally. They file the paperwork, take the classes, do the footwork, and are welcome additions to our country. because they followed the law, they enjoy the legal benefits of citizenship. These people are not illegals, and “the Right” has no hostility toward them.

Arizona’s SB 1070 is not “anti-Hispanic’ as many claim. In fact, at least one of the politicians in Arizona who worked on and pushed the bill is the son of Mexican immigrants, and he put forth a very significant point: Allowing others to skirt the law devalues the hard work that those who came here legally put into their own citizenship.

He also made the point that the bill is aimed at all illegal immigrants. A substantial portion of middle-eastern immigrants also cross into the US through our southern borders because those borders are less protect5ed than our sea ports and northern borders.

Those who have issues with SB1070 would do well to read the posting by AZ state Senator Sylvia Allen.

So the next question is: Is Glen Beck evil for stripping the issue of its complexity or because he doesn’t support criminal behavior?

Their third quote is one I am disappointed with, but we have to look at it anyway:

3. "when i saw these people and they had to shut down the astrodome and lock it down, i thought ‘i didn’t think i could hate victims faster than the 911 victims"

this is one of the Left’s favorite Glenn Beck quotes because he accidentally says “911 victims” instead of “Katrina victims”.

Personally, I don’t like hearing about hate and specific threats of violence, no matter how ‘artistic’ it is, and I am uncomfortable with that interview, but to be fair, we do have to look at where Beck is standing when he said that.

2005’s Hurricane Katrina was a tragedy. It doesn’t matter if it was an “act of God”, “weather modification”, “global warming”, “the failure of the government to provide quick aid” or the stupidity of people who continued to live below flood level, it was a disaster. people died.

As we’ve seen in other periods of unrest (the LA Riots, for example), a lot of “poor and disadvantaged” people saw an easy opportunity to get what they wanted. Shortly after the devastation began, there were reports of looting, rape, murder, and other kinds of violent acts. People shot at rescue helicopters, doctors abandoned patients to die and some police, it now appears, murdered people.

Keep in mind, however, Beck said this in 2006, while the violence was still fresh and before some of the allegations against authority figures (the police, for example) had surfaced.

Is Glenn Beck a jerk for speaking his mind on those few victims who shot at aid workers, scammed the government for free debit cards and housing, raped and murdered each other and looted rather than evacuating when they were provided the means to?

As with all talk show hosts (especially those favored by the Left), Beck occasionally gets animated for the sake of his art, insulting a caller or celebrity. Unlike most, however, he doesn’t do it that often … so when he does it really stands out. I don’t know why the makers of this video clip included him screaming “Cathy get off my phone you little pinhead!” … perhaps they were out of material. maybe they realized that their average viewer wouldn’t even make the effort to process that clip in their mind and realize that is standard talk radio fare.

The last quote is most recent, and in it Beck says:

“when I first stood on those stairs after I had announced that we were doing this, I stood on those stairs at the Lincoln memorial, I went down to D.C., I thought to myself, ‘who do you think you are?"

Beck knows he is just a man. Beck doesn’t claim to be a God or demand worship. He’s just a guy with some passion and some opinions. I am absolutely in shock that these vicious scabs, promoting their agenda, could stoop so low as to portray this man, in a moment of humility as being exactly the opposite of what he was.

In the full broadcast, Beck talks in reverence about Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. He speaks in admiration of our country – in the times when it was moving the direction our founding fathers intended and before “change” had crept in – and he makes no claim to be as big as these men.

Beck’s intention is to unveil the trickery that is going on in our country. He seeks through his talent of entertainment and devotion to his God and his country to wake enough of us up that we can stop this downward plunge and rescue what is left of our nation. He advocates equality between good, law-abiding people, and when he points out those fringes that oppose equality – whether they are black or white, male or female, republican or democrat – Beck is promoting Martin Luther King Jr’s vision.

No person of any color or persuasion can have any of these freedoms if our freedom is taken away.


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  1. To oppose some of what i wrote, here is a (I’m assuming here) well researched blog that uses some of Beck’s comments to support the statement that “Martin Luther King Jr would have been on Beck’s chalkboard” because of some of his socialist ideas.

    I think that’s true …

    But I also think that his *good* words would not have reached so many ears were it not for his tragedy … so if his life hadn’t been cut short, maybe he wouldn’t be remembered for the leader he was … maybe he would have grown into something hideous like those that came after him.

    Who knows? It’s just as likely he would have progressed to an even greater teacher.

    We can play this speculation game with Beck, too. If this were 47 years ago would people be laughing at Glenn Beck for raising the alarm about Socialism, about our society’s loss of morals? About Illegal immigration, gay marriage and abortion?

    No. The world was a much different place then than it is now.

    Because Beck is not a racist, because Beck believes in God, because Beck is trying to do good, I think if now was then and MLK Jr made it to the chalkboard, it would be in a place of honor.

    It is the godless who oppose people like Beck … because he dares stand for something intangible, something which pricks at the conscience of those who walk against God … the idea of righteousness, of eternal truths, of morals, of accountability.

    Were there so many godless people than as there are now, they would have been attacking MLK Jr the same way.

    Anyway, read the blog, it’s interesting:

  2. … but then we’ve got the news after the event happened. CNN, a media giant who is more anti-Beck than not, ran the following piece:

  3. I wonder if the success of the rally is why they also posted an opinion piece that opposes an earlier opinion piece?

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