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It’s not Paranoia if Someone is Really Following You

A CNN video today asks “Is America Islamophobic?

clip_image001We all know that most supporters of Islam are not violent people, and of those who are, few have orchestrated the kinds of public attacks that are in the headlines. It is politically correct to call the bad guys “Islamic Extremists” or “radicals”, but in practical life an everyday American can’t tell the difference between a “regular” or “moderate” follower of Islam and an extremist until it is too late. That difference lies within their mind, and not usually waved around like a banner within our society for obvious reasons.

Difficult and scholarly labels aside, we must admit that in modern times more innocent lives have been lost and more abuse has been wrought at the hands of those who proclaim affiliation with Islam than with any other religion.

Liberal America doesn’t want you to consider that, though. They want you to believe that Islam is a religion of peace, and is the same (if not better) than the other world religions, particularly Christianity. They remind us that Islamic terrorists are “extremists” and don’t represent the whole of Islam, and then they turn around and make generalized statements against all Christianity that usually involve evoking the Crusades, the inquisition, and the “abortion clinic bombers”. As is consistent with the liberal modus operandi, they assume widespread wives tales and urban myths will be accepted as unchecked fact. They know few people will actually look for the numbers and names behind their claims.

In the case of abortion clinic bombings, for example, there have actually only been 8 murders in the United States (the country with the highest incidence of this violence), one of which was a robbery and may not have been related to the victim’s profession, and a couple of which were committed by a man who was also implicated in shootings in Canada. There have also been 12 people injured in such attacks, hoax anthrax threats made at US Clinics in 2001, 2 bombings, one unexploded bomb, 4 fires, a Molotov Cocktail that missed its target, and 3 instances where the suspect rammed a car into a building. In total, 8 deaths, 12 injuries, 4 fires, 2 bombs, 3 car attacks, 2 attempts and a bunch of threats in the United States.

Estimates of deaths during the Crusades vary, and in the opinion of most historians are greatly inflated. As Matthew White says in his “Historical Body Count” page:

“… these are the numbers we’ve been given, so we pretty much have to take them or leave them at face value. We can’t easily check behind them.

The principle argument against the accuracy of ancient atrocity statistics is that they come from innumerate societies without the modern skill in counting large numbers of people and keeping accurate records. Conquerors liked to brag about their exploits, and the vast hordes of the enemy army grew with each retelling. Civilization before the Enlightenment was rather flexible when it came to historic accuracy, and medieval historians never let the truth get in the way of a good story

Specific numbers from ancient history are often discredited by pointing out that it would have been physically impossible to crowd that many people onto that battlefield, or to fit them inside the walls of this city, or to carry that many arrows, or to slit that many throats in that length of time.”

Because it is impossible to find accurate historical counts, and because the question is “Are Americans Islamophobic"?”, I’m just going to focus on American History. In a country founded upon the ideal of religious freedom, what better place to find the worst peaks of religious violence?

Hezbollah kidnapped thirty US (and other Western) hostages in Lebanon in 1982, killing some, letting some die in captivity, and eventually freeing some. Terry Anderson was held for 2,454 days.

In 1983 in Lebanon, on April 18th, a suicide car-bomb attack at a US Embassy killed 63 people, including 17 Americans. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility. On October 23rd, Shiite suicide bombers blew up a truck near a US military barracks, killing 241 Marines. Minutes later a second bomb killed 58 French paratroopers in their barracks across town. On December 12th in Kuwait, Shiite truck bombers attacked the US embassy and other targets, killing 5 people and injuring 80.

You see, then, in 2 years there were well over 263 Americans killed by various groups influenced by Islam – well beyond the 8 deaths over 20 years assumed to be the result of “Christian” attacks.

The list can go on quite awhile … 26 in 1984, 7 in 1985, 2 in 1986, 259 in 1988, the WTC bombing in 1993 by Al-Qaeda that killed 6 people and injured 1,040. 5 killed in 1995, 19 in 1996, 224 killed and 4,500 injured in an Al-Qaeda attack in 1998, 17 sailors killed in the attack against the USS Cole in in 2000. Attacks against Americans on American soil on September 11, 2001 numbered 2,992. 12 killed in 2002 at a US Consulate. 8 Americans killed in 2003, 8 more killed in 2004, 57 in 2005, 60 in 2007, 43 in 2008, and 17 in 2009.

If we consider the war, as some on the left have, as being “against Muslims”, than we must also assume our 4414 American troops (according to were also victims of Islam, bringing this incomplete list to a total of 8,439 Americans confirmed killed by Islam-inspired killers since 1982. That number is more than one-thousand times the number of people killed by alleged “Christians”, supposedly in the name of their religion, in that same period.

Three Inconvenient Truths

1. Islam, which has around half the adherents as Christianity kills more than 1000 times the number of people in the name of their belief than supposed Christians do.

According to, in 2005 2.1 billion people (33%) followed Christianity and 1.5 billion (21%) Islam. If progressives are right and Islam is just like any other religion, and it is “religion” itself to blame for violence, rather than a particular religious belief, then why the huge disparity between deaths at the hands of Christians (the largest organized religion) and deaths at the hands of Islamists (the second largest group)? How can a religion just over half the size of Christianity commit more than 1000 times the murder?

I won’t waste much time talking about it here, but the examples of non-lethal yet stunning violence committed by adherents of Islam are endless, especially when you look outside the US.

Whether or not it is “politically correct” to say, Islamic groups are more prone to violence than Christian groups (or any other major religious group, for that matter). It is, therefore, logical to fear that religion above any other religion. “Facts are,” as the long-ago president said, “stubborn things”.

2. When you gather together volatile ideologies and persons, you create a dangerous “tinderbox” that can combust at any moment.

No amount of white-washing can cover the fact that Islam in all forms advocates war against those who don’t believe. It doesn’t matter if you are “moderate” or “radical’, that element is there … the depth to which one acts upon it is the only difference between thinking hatred and committing murder.

If you look at groups of delinquents you will see that it is possible to have large numbers of like-minded, would-be criminals who remain law abiding for extended periods of time. You will also see, however, that once such individuals feel secure in their numbers or opportunity seems to erode whatever stops may have been keeping them in place, the potential for crime explodes. This behavior is like kindling being exposed to a spark: it’s ready to go, and when it has its trigger it explodes.

The proof is in recent history – look at what happened with The 1992 Los Angeles Riots, the WTO Riots, or The Katrina Violence. Groups of people who already had a predisposition for crime saw an opportunity and erupted.

Furthermore, any time there exists a nonconformist or oppositional group that advocates some form of violence, war or vandalism against another element of society – regardless the underlying motive – such a group attracts unsavory individuals whose primary motive is the violence and who superficially adopt the groups’ ideals only to secure their position for devious purpose. Some groups, like the bulk of those supported by American liberals, are well aware of this, and attract dangerous individuals on purpose so that those individuals can do damage to their opposition and then be disavowed by the group as ‘extreme”. Such groups will sometimes recruit from the darkest corners of society.

3. Dangerous and mentally-unwell persons are often attracted to significant sites and symbols related to horrific events.

Having a gathering place for persons who share a devotion to a theology which advocates the destruction of others may never turn into an actual threat to the outside world. Many of these groups have fizzled out from attrition or cut themselves short through internal struggle and self-destruction.

Still, it is important to remember that in all facets of society there are mentally ill people, some of which who rise to positions of leadership, and many of which commit crimes. these individuals are drawn to celebrities and iconic places. A list of examples could go on forever, but where some are prone to stalk celebrities and others to kill them, others like to set up camp at sites with a significant or gruesome history. This latter point was in the past a common form of celebrating the spoils of war and raising a monument to a victory.

I am not suggesting that the Imam of the ground zero mosque is building it as a ‘victory monument” as some have claimed, but I am suggesting that if there are mentally unstable or resentful individuals who identify with Islam out there in America, they will flock to this mosque above all others because in their minds its proximity to the site and symbolism of the “victory” of radical Islam over America will be inseparably connected. You can view the issue from many angles, but you cannot deny the fact that a ground zero mosque will be a Mecca for those who want to destroy America.


Americans should not be accused of being “Islamophobic”. Accusing a nation who was viciously attacked by one religion’s extremists is akin to accusing a woman who has been raped by a “male extremist” of being foolish to fear all men. It’s as ignorant as accusing a veteran suffering PTSD from being “chicken” when he hears a loud noise. America is not afraid of Islam. America is afraid of the dangerous and extremist individuals for which Islam is a fertile bed. America is annoyed and angered that persons who hate our freedoms and hate our religions are abusing those very points to insert themselves into an open wound.

What should set apart Americans and Christians from these people, however, is that we will not advocate violence toward them for their religious beliefs or for the actions of their friends. We will uphold their right to practice their religion, so long as that right does not infringe on the rights of others to practice theirs. While it is disgustingly distasteful and suspect that some want to build a giant mosque in that area, we must move beyond the ridiculous argument that the neighborhood, with its porn shops and gentlemen’s clubs, is “sacred ground”. It is the ground of horrific destruction, of a twisted and devilish group’s selfish and misguided attack on innocent people. It is a national symbol of loss, and a reminder that evil does exist out in the world and that we must be ever vigilant. It is a reminder that the world has forever changed and personal freedoms have been reduced in an effort to provide for the greater good of all.

We must remember also that our freedom to despise or to forgive, to grow or to sleep, and to support or oppose must be shared by all who reside under our flag or it isn’t really freedom.




  1. it is appropriate to add a link here to a story about a “Christian” terrorist group which was (fortunately) busted awhile back:

    Doesn’t change the death-toll figures, however.

  2. […] My point is this: people of that mindset have a long list of pre-fab arguments and soundbytes they chant. In the past five years they’ve begun over-using the word “bigot” as they march and hate and trample religions, persons of values, traditions and patriotism. As with all other accusations, they’re fine hurling an insult at someone with whom they disagree, but they are quick to excuse their own similar behavior. Look at their hatred of the TEA Party v. their celebration of Occupiers. Who has their assemblies legally, without hijacking public parks? Whose included rape, gunfire, and drugs? A sad fact for those who like to throw their Christian roots under the bus is that there have been more bombings, fires, and injuries related to liberal protests in the past two years than in all abortion clinic attacks combined. […]

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