Posted by: inforodeo | October 18, 2010


A few years ago a woman I knew was driving down the highway a little over the posted speed limit. She was entertaining friends and didn’t realize the car was slowly easing over into the opposite lane. When one of her passengers happened to look up and see the car crossing over the center line, she screamed, causing the driver to jerk the steering wheel quickly the opposite direction.

As is most often the case, the abrupt and reflexive change of direction caused the car to fishtail, and eventually the car went out of the driver’s control and they went off the road, flipped the vehicle and came to a stop.

The difference between true “conservatives” and other breeds of politicians is illustrated by this story. A true conservative doesn’t overreact, doesn’t overcorrect, and doesn’t raise their voice and scream. Conservatives are cautious, and though they may seem to sometimes move too slowly for a handful of people, their actions are well-thought, weighed, and wise.

Not all Republicans or Tea Partiers are conservatives. A small number suffer from the same pig-headed selfish myopia as their opposition. Still, where is the historical evidence of Liberal policies ever creating lasting success? Democrats brought us the Civil War, helped to promote abortion as a part of Eugenics, oppressed Native Americans during the 1900s, put Japanese-Americans into concentration camps in WW2, dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, supported segregation (and to be fair, changed their position once enough Americans thought otherwise and ended it), put and kept Americans in Vietnam, raised taxes (a number of times), “broke” the economy during Carter, and under Carter and Clinton created the arrangements that caused the housing crisis in the 1980s and in the 2000’s.

The fact is, liberal policies rarely (if ever) work. Everywhere they create anti-gun laws, violent crime increases. When they created the welfare system they created a whole new breed of lazy and opportunistic citizens. When they let killers out of prison early and erase capital punishment, murders rise.

I don’t think it is a part of a (conscious) conspiracy. I think they just move too quickly. As mentioned in a prior post, the Democratic Party is a political machine. It is the most flexible because it exists only to get people elected. It pushes laws that offer a quick fix, something to hold people over just long enough for the next election. Ever look at why our legal system is so complex? It is because someone rushes through a stupid law that has holes, and as those holes prove to be a problem, new laws are made to patch those up. They satisfy the people but have no underlying structure or code, and the superficial nature of those policies does not weather well.


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