Posted by: inforodeo | May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden

I was going to write a conspiracy thread about the recent news. Why were we told that this happened a week ago and then told it was last night? Why has his body already been “buried at sea” (especially if his death was barely 12 hours ago)? Why did this happen a few days after Obama suddenly decided to supply his birth certificate? Was this a political stunt for re-election, was the birther diversion to help maintain secrecy about the bin Laden operation? Why are people who just days ago didn’t trust their president’s religion or patriotism suddenly cheering in the streets? Why is a president, so keen on this “religion of peace”, “stop the war” and “blame Bush” stuff, suddenly jump into his opposition’s throne?

I realized the answer to a lot of this is “politics” and “campaigning”, and those subjects aren’t worth writing about.

I’m also not going to write about “the life of Osama bin Laden”, because we all know who he was, we all know what sort of evil he spread in the world. Yes, his ugly footprint is an eternal stain on our freedoms – we will never be able to wear our shoes through airport security or carry pocketknives on vacation again because he and his minions put that idea out there and it can’t be retracted.

What I am going to write about are some of my views on the ridiculousness of our reactions to his (alleged) death.


There seem to be some who are in shock, namely the extreme Left that I’ve so often gone on about. These are they who oppose capital punishment, all wars, Bush for every reason, Republicans, “tea partiers”, the words “patriotism”, “Christianity”, “Glen Beck”, and “right”, and who love/crave/thrive on communism, atheism, homosexuality, and promoting all downtrodden or “unpopular” (in quotes because they make them popular) causes and organizations, like radical Islam and eco-terrorism, for examples.

My leftist friends have been in an overnight scramble to find their equilibrium in their own required (by leftist ideology) commentary on the death of bin Laden. They’re tweeting peaceful quotes from the dalai lama, Gandhi, MLK Jr and others. They’re trying to find some way to exploit this and point their hatred toward Palin, Glen Beck or Republicans, and coming up short they’re just screaming, “I HATE REPUBLICANS”!

It’s as if they can’t fathom that their president – the “maybe-Muslim, certainly not Christian, left-loving, socialist, anti-war guy” is claiming he made the decisions and called the shots to murder their un-admitted hero.


While the leftists are twitching with smoke coming out of their ears, trying to make sense of this conundrum, the Right is just blindly accepting it and cheering. They seem to have forgotten all that Obama stood for, and overlooked this curious change in action. They are standing in the streets, cheering and spreading the love over the death of some villain.

Myself a Christian, I wonder if it is really appropriate for this kind of excited rejoicing over the death of any individual. I agree he was a villain – perhaps the biggest flesh-and-blood villain of our time, and we are victorious in achieving the goal of his “capture”, but did his death really bring closure to the many thousands of families of his victims? The dead remain dead. The evil that this man spread is still there, still in the veins of his successors. We killed for revenge – any tactical benefit was lost long ago when he first went into hiding and others began commanding the cells. These others have now had ten years of on-the-job training to be his replacement. With their prophet of hatred and incivility now martyred, we are probably right in suspecting fierce retaliation. Are we unwittingly bouncing in the square with glee for a worse fate?


Our military deserves to cheer. The death of bin Laden is indeed a “mission accomplished”. It is not, however, the end of the war. We were never “there” for the sole purpose of capturing bin Laden. We were (and are) to slow or stop the violent ideology that kills innocent people for power under the guise of religion. It’s true that we are not at war with Islam itself … but it is also true that we are not at war with Iraq or Pakistan or Afghanistan or Libya or Syria or any other country or people. We are at war with those who perpetrate evil on innocent people.

Osama bin Laden was an icon of such wickedness. He was not its only foundation.


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