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Chaz Bono

I know this is going to offend some people. Those people are probably not reading my blog anyway, so here it goes.

The headline says “Chaz Bono: America really needs him on Dancing With the Stars”.

It goes on to quote Bono as saying:

“It’s made me realize I’m really glad I’m doing this, because America really needs to see this. You know, it just kind of shows why it’s important to be on the show, because so little still is known about what it means to be transgender. And there’s so many just completely inaccurate stereotypes and thoughts people have.”

(, 2011)

Most Americans would just bite this quote and take it or leave it. InfoRodeo is not most Americans, however, so I’m going to ask the question nobody really thinks to ask when given the canned “stereotypes and awareness” speech:

What stereotypes are you talking about, and how are they inaccurate?

I read an article on a CNN blog the other day that was shockingly clinical and accurate, and it was the first I’d heard of this Chaz Bono appearance. That probably shouldn’t be surprising that I hadn’t heard of it previously; I don’t watch television, especially so-called “reality television”, and I don’t generally bother with the celebrity gossip portions of “news” outlets.

Still, that name comes up – “Chaz Bono” – and you know there’s going to be all kinds of whining, politics, and old women dressed in thongs and leather chaps. Do you believe I could pass it up?

In the article, the author, a psychologist, graphically described the process in creating Chaz’ “manhood” – the hormones, the breast amputations, the artificial phallus fashioned from a flap of skin from her abdomen.

The author brought up two points I’d never even considered before. First, the assertion that Chaz Bono shouldn’t be on this “family” show is based on some sound concerns that parading transexualism in the masses, before impressionable schoolchildren, is going to cause a lot of normal kids, growing and questioning aspects of their gender identity to latch onto adult concepts that will not be healthy in their development. He mentioned boys who are overly emotional or like flowers being suckered into thinking they’re gay, when really they should be able to grow into the men they are instead of being railroaded into this special-interest faction of society.

Second, he made a bizarre comparison between people opting for so-called “gender reassignment surgery” being like people who think they should be allowed to be ‘who they are’ and have surgery to create a tail and amputate their arms. as outlandish as his example was, it is true. The politics of the LGBT support group deny this, but those who undergo such surgery and hormone treatments are really nothing more than mutilated and voided-gender versions of their old biological selves.

It is, of course, the religious who are most vocal in opposition to these individual’s decisions. They point to scripture that underscores the various hues of homosexuality as an “abomination”, they point out that God made us who we are and gifted our bodies, and that we are commanded to procreate. A person going the route of Chaz Bono chooses to live an abominable lifestyle, says God made a mistake, and then destroys their ability to procreate and tears apart the gift God gave them.

But this view isn’t a stereotype. It’s an interpretation of fact. Whether or not you believe in God, the fact are the same; the individual changed their body through some pretty gruesome means, and in the process destroyed some of its function. MtF transsexuals will never ovulate or carry a child, and FtM transsexuals will never have the true function a biological male will have. It’s all about the surface appearance, the look, the lie.

What stereotype is Chaz Bono and the legion of LGBT talking about then? Those not of that mind say things like, “I don’t know if i should call her a he or a she”, “that woman has an adam’s apple”, “most gay men talk with a lisp”, “many dykes shave their heads and ride motorcycles”, “she had her breasts cut off so she could look like a man”. Are any of these actually stereotypes? Are they stereotypes when they are true? 

It’s like saying “White people have pink skin” is a stereotype, and that we should be offended that anyone would dare stereotype.

It doesn’t matter if Chaz Bono exists or does not. While there may be some who don’t accept “them” because the notion creeps us out, or because religious belief doesn’t jive with that lifestyle, the larger, more accurate scenario is that most of us don’t care. I don’t care if all my neighbors are gay, straight, bi, transsexual or celibate – I do, however, care about whether or not they wave their bedroom lifestyle in my face, in front of my children. I do care about those ridiculous parades, the intrusion into my television set, and the sale and promotion of alternative lifestyles to my kids.

Most of us look at Chaz and think, “that doesn’t look like a man”, or “that dude is really unattractive.” Like it or not, no amount of propaganda, politics and threat is going to be able to convince people to enjoy looking at that individual, and that has nothing to do with “gender orientation discrimination”. Most of us are equally repulsed by her mother.

As for DWTS, I don’t think there should be an uproar (and suspect that the uproar was caused by the LGBT community itself to draw attention to the show) because DWTS is not a family-oriented show. The dance moves and outfits are immodest and not something I want my kids watching. The choreographers are all gay, so the “sin and perversion” element is already there, if you want to call it that.



Chaz Bono: America ‘really needs’ him on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ by Tim Kenneally


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