Posted by: inforodeo | February 25, 2012

Is the Mark of the Beast Really WWW?

Years ago I noticed that the Hebrew numerical equivalent for the letter W is 6. Though knowing better, I tried to spread the misinformation that WWW is equal to 666, and that the World Wide Web is the Mark of the Beast spoken of by John in  the Book of Revelation.

The truth, however, is not as exciting.

Regarding 666 = WWW:

The Old Testament was in Hebrew.

The New Testament was in Greek.

The Hebrew letter W (actually V, but the non-Hebrew W is usually grouped here) does indeed have the numerical equivalent of 6 …

but the book of Revelation (in the New Testament) was written by John when he was on exile in Patmos, and John would have spoken Greek or Aramaic, not Hebrew. Early Christians would have read it in Greek … no Hebrew would have been involved. This alone should be enough to discredit the conspiracy.

Besides that, when John mentions the "mark of the beast", it’s more like "six-hundred, sixty-six", not "six – six -six". The Hebrew for six hundred sixty six would be some combination of 400+200+60+6 … (Tav-Reish-Samekh-Vav, or TRSW) while 6-6-6 (Vav-Vav-Vav) would actually be 18, which is the Hebrew number for life (Rich, 2011).


Rich, T. R. (2011). Hebrew Alphabet. Judaism 101. Retrieved February 25, 2012, from


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