Posted by: inforodeo | April 12, 2012

A New Era of Campaign Ads

I was watching CNN this afternoon and the strangest thing happened. “Breaking News” whisked us from the scheduled story to bring us a live political ad, direct from Obama’s White house.

I really don’t know any other way to explain it. All my life I’ve been used to WH press conferences interrupting my favorite television shows to announce declarations of war, shootouts with extremists, and terrorists being assassinated. This press conference, staged in the middle of the day during a show where the recent comments blasting Mrs. Romney for being a stay-at-home-mom were being debated, blew me away. I didn’t catch all of it, but it was a monologue about how awesome Obama’s Jobs Act was, and how those evil Republicans were against it, and how they hate America and don’t want us to have jobs or Pell grants for college, etc.

It sounded like a political ad. A campaign ad, extoling the virtues of der fuhrer.

I had to admit the tactic was brilliant. “Of course!” I thought, “a live campaign ad feigning to be an important press conference! No one will ever notice!”

My surprises for the day weren’t over. Not more than an hour later, a feel-good ad featuring an old man gawking at his daughter (or daughter-in-law?)’s pregnant belly came on. “I wouldn’t be here if the doctor’s hadn’t caught my cancer when they did,” he says, “and I couldn’t have gone to the doctor if it wasn’t for (Obamacare)…”

Really? Government programs get their own ads now to tell us how good the program is? Seriously?

Soon the mother of all campaign ads will be released … the Obama Movie. You’ll get to go to your local theater and pay eleven bucks to sit through two hours of how awesome and ordinary Mr. Obama is.

If Romney did this you’d be gagging.


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