Posted by: inforodeo | June 24, 2012

They’re All The Same

I just clicked on the link of a friend’s friend in Facebook and read a pretty standard “liberal” profile. I see these all the time, and usually think nothing of them, but it was long in word count and began with the phrase, “I am a radically liberal and passionate person” and then went on to claim a hatred for bigotry.

Because the person set the stage by announcing their liberal stance, I knew I was bound to find numerous bigoted comments. Here’s a short tally.

Total word count in profile: 1,778

Liberal Cred: Hates bigots, thinks the rich ought to rot, is transgendered, lives in Eugene, only eats organic foods, believes Christians are wrong about God (“God is love” and isn’t male, Earth is a goddess because “only women can create life from their bodies”), subscribes to several liberal organizations whose claim/aim is to reduce world poverty and suffering (but whose administration costs far outweigh the amount of funding they actually pass onto the poor.) Believes money should be done away with and everyone should make sandwiches for each other. Has attended every Burning Man in the past decade (and then some). Hates conservatives. Does “beading.”

Stereotypes this hater-of-bigots hates: Corporate welfare, Billionaires, the Koch brothers, CEOs, Conservatives, “Extremists”, birthers, “Tea-baggers,” other bigots, people who don’t know them in real life but friend them on facebook, greedy soul-less corporate CEOs, the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Judeo-Christian ideas of God, the Bible, Christians, people who play shooting games or shoot real guns, people who disagree with homosexuality, people who don’t eat locally-grown organic foods.

By extension we could reasonably add other groups of people, like Republicans, bankers, most Americans, believers in capitalism, Donald Trump, anyone who didn’t vote for Obama, Mitt Romney, and any activist (peacable or not) who espuses “conservative values” (because you know “extremists” didn’t actually apply to tree huggers, gay rights activists, or Occupiers).

My point is this: people of that mindset have a long list of pre-fab arguments and soundbytes they chant. In the past five years they’ve begun over-using the word “bigot” as they march and hate and trample religions, persons of values, traditions and patriotism. As with all other accusations, they’re fine hurling an insult at someone with whom they disagree, but they are quick to excuse their own similar behavior. Look at their hatred of the TEA Party v. their celebration of Occupiers. Who has their assemblies legally, without hijacking public parks? Whose included rape, gunfire, and drugs?

A sad fact for those who like to throw their Christian roots under the bus is that there have been more bombings, fires, and injuries related to liberal protests in the past two years than in all abortion clinic attacks combined.

Unlike these liberals, I am not making a false claim against personal bigotry. I acknowledge I have biases and prejudices. While I believe mine are more founded in reality (and certainly based on personal analysis of data than on joining a trend), I still have to admit that there are people I think are annoying and whose views are sadly misleading and paranoid. It is hypocritical of these people (Liberals) to accuse everyone who doesn’t believe their way of being a bigot. For a little clarification, here’s the definition of the word:


1. stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.
2. the actions, beliefs, prejudices, etc., of a bigot.

Unlike the standard Liberal, I can also acknowledge that I agree with some portions of their lifestyle. I think we should all garden our own “organic” produce (and meat, for that matter). I think we should share our overages with the less fortunate (which is why I do). I do think it is pitiful that some “higher ups” in business take extreme income amounts while their workers barely hover above the poverty line – but unlike liberals I am not going to whine and complain and expect a handout. I’m going to work harder and hope one day I can be one of those CEOs so I can run the business the way I think it should be run.

In response to this individual (and all like-minded persons): You need to sit back and acknowledge that your ability to learn and be rational is clouded by your anger. People who disagree with you are fully functioning and intelligent individuals too. “Pride” is the opposite of humility, and humility allows us to continue to learn from our mistakes. Most people who chose religion did so through their own freedom of choice. They didn’t accept it because of tradition or “brainwashing.” There is something we see in it that you are blind to – not the other way around. I was where you are, and I stepped up rather than caved in. When I quit trying so hard to argue with people and prove my individuality, I began to see the quality of my life improve. There is a God, and to think that “Earth is a goddess because only women can create life from their bodies” is in great theological and biological error – women alone cannot create life from their own bodies, it takes a male to access that ability. I believe that most people choose a “liberal” lifestyle because the restrictions of common sense and moral/ethical rules frustrate us when we want to run crazy, selfish and wild. People feel “judged” by church goers because they see happiness and can’t access that same happiness in their lifestyle – their conscience stings and they “feel judged.” It is rare for a churchgoer to walk right up and say, “you’re going to hell because ….” I’m sorry if your personal experience has been different.


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