Posted by: inforodeo | November 5, 2012

Why The Lesser Evil Doctrine Makes Sense

Who cares if the captain wears a different brand of shoes? If the ship is going down, there is nothing admirable in refusing to bail it out.

I’m getting tired of people continuing to promote third-party candidates while decrying the “Lesser Evil” justification of some who were on the fence between the mainstream candidates and the third party’s. The vote is tomorrow and sticking to your guy is going to throw the election without a doubt!

While it is admirable to want to stay in the fight until the end, when it comes to the future of our nation, all you are doing is throwing your vote away.

Think of it this way: The political process is a big funnel … or pyramid … or tree. You start with several teams, and as you move through the process, the stronger options are left standing. That doesn’t mean your team is bad, it just means that, for whatever the reason, it lost before the final competition.

Once a winner has been declared, we tend to think of the process as dead for three more years, until campaigning starts again. That isn’t the case!

Look at it this way:

On the Right you’ve got Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Tea Partyists, and Republicans. They share a common belief that The Democrats under the current administration are ruining the country, and that it must be saved.

At this point in the game, the only team left standing is the Republicans. Not all on the Right are going to agree, and even some Republicans will disagree with some of the candidate’s stance and message, but though the other options are technically not “out,” they are no longer on the field. No one is watching them. The cold reality is that there are two contenders for the title, and either a Republican will get it, or a Democrat will.

If the Democrat gets the championship, you have to start from scratch next year. You have to fight against the Left and the Right to get your voice and policies heard.

If a Republican gets the title, half your battle is already won. You only have to convince voters to make some policy changes, a little tweak here and another tweak there. You could also convince the politician himself to jump parties (which has been done before). By supporting the “lesser evil” candidate when your own is out of the real running, you’re getting 80% what you want, rather than 0%.

It makes sense.

If you like numbers, look at it this way: 

If the Left is planning on voting Democrat, and they make up 45% of the voters, and the Right is split between Republicans (40%) and Independents (15%) …

The Independents have less than the Democrats, so they will lose (15% v. 45%). The Republicans have slightly less than the Democrats (40% v. 45%), so without the support of the Independents, they will also lose.

Hanging on to a lost candidate for “principle” does nothing. No one else is going to notice who you voted for, and you’re letting the ship sink without your contribution.


The Left is supporting your support of third-party candidates because they want America to shrivel up and be replaced by their doctrines.


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