Posted by: inforodeo | July 3, 2013

Pro-Abortion Activists: Soldiers of the Destroyer

Only a few weeks after the grotesque trial of an abortion doctor who murdered living babies by snipping their spines with scissors, anti-abortion activists are chanting “Hail Satan”, telling a politician they hope his daughter gets raped, and having small children hold signs that say, “If I wanted the Government in My Womb I would F*** A Senator!”

These minions of the destroyer promote the perpetual myth that thousands of abortion clinics are regularly bombed by Christians. As I pointed out in an earlier post:

“… there have actually only been 8 (Abortion Clinic-related) murders in the United States […] one of which was a robbery and may not have been related to the victim’s profession, and a couple of which were committed by a man who was also implicated in shootings in Canada. There have also been 12 people injured in such attacks, hoax anthrax threats made at US Clinics in 2001, 2 bombings, one unexploded bomb, 4 fires, a Molotov Cocktail that missed its target, and 3 instances where the suspect rammed a car into a building. In total, 8 deaths, 12 injuries, 4 fires, 2 bombs, 3 car attacks, 2 attempts and a bunch of threats in the United States.”

They use sophistic arguments to claim that an individual choice to kill a baby is somehow a “choice” which promotes freedom and individuality. Even some Christians are deceived, believing the misappropriated term “Pro-Choice” to mean more exercise of agency during our mortality.

Three stories in the news today highlight the selfish, vile, and abusive condition of the souls of pro-abortion activists.

Christians Sing Hymns While Pro-Abortionists Chanted “Hail Satan”

I don’t care who you are, whether or not you believe in God, or what your political core is, this speech was meant to terrorize, mock, and molest the Christian anti-abortion crowd. Is that somehow not hate speech? Had they burned a cross on a black family’s lawn, used a derogatory term when screaming at a homosexual, or made fun of Mohammed to a Muslim, there would be lawsuits. The Southern Poverty Law Center would have been all over it. Instead, since it was Christians, it’s fair game.

Pro-Abortion Protesters Chant “Hail Satan” in Response to Anti-Abortion Testimony

In this video, from July 2, 2013, Pro-abortion protestors laugh and began chanting “Hail Satan” in Unison at 05:11. Do they understand their actions already speak louder than words?

It makes me cringe to think of what these people are doing. To them it’s just one more way to harass and mock people who hold different beliefs. They’re already so morally detached they can’t tell that their mock-worship of the destroyer pleases him, and that they are already under his power. In each war they are fighting, they are on his side. 

Small Children Hold Explicit Signs in Support of Abortion

Elsewhere, Pro-Abortion activists show their disdain for children by abusing their own.


In this widely-circulated photograph (my source below), an abusive mother exploits her children by having them hold explicit signs which say, “If I Wanted the Government In My Womb I Would F*** A Senator!”. One can only imagine how she explained to these little girls what the signs meant. Where is CPS during this? This is a crime. Women who think this is funny raise the daughters who keep Planned Parenthood open, because they trivialize sexual activity, promote an “easy way out” of the consequences, and clearly give no thought to what their little girls are exposed to, or the implications of those things.

“I Hope Your Daughter Gets Raped,” E-mails Pro-Abortion Activist

Proving that the left lives within a realm of double-standards, the PR people for the baby-killing movement expressed their deepest wishes that a woman will be raped so their twisted doctrine will have some new relevance to Texas State Representative Jonathan Strickland and others who dared support the rights of babies facing execution.

Strickland and others received numerous threats of bodily harm and the “best wishes” of pro-abortionists, hoping that the politicians who dared stand up for the rights of society’s voiceless would be raped or have their loved ones raped in retribution.

Seriously, where is the moral logic in this: “I hope a woman will be raped so I can be free to kill a baby”? 

Bricks, Urine, and Feces (An Update)

Later, pro-abortion activists were caught with jars of urine and feces, bricks, large quantities of tampons, and condoms at the Texas Capitol, and a young girl was holding a sign that said:


Image source:

It seems abortion activists, like most leftists, have lost sight of the purposes of free speech and right to assemble and have derailed themselves when it comes to effective strategy.

Protests Are Not Celebrations of Offensiveness

In order to be effective, a protest or rally should champion one’s cause and convince the opposition, and those “on the fence” to support you. It should draw in your own members to support your cause, to give media reporters (and thus, their respective audiences) cause to believe you have a strong number of supporters.

When a normal human being sees children carrying profane, blasphemous, or repulsive posters, watches a brick hurled through a window, a storefront lit on fire, urine and feces tossed on their opposition, or chants whose sole purpose is to offend others being sung in unison by its most barbaric and impassioned-to-the-point-of-ridiculousness’ members, the average person is going to cringe and withdraw.

Maybe it is better said this way: When you want to trick everyone else into thinking that chopping up a baby and sucking it out of your crotch with a vacuum is ok, and you call it something inoffensive like “pro-choice”, you might fool a handful into supporting your morbid cause. When you get your ugliest friends to throw poop, tampons, and bricks at people, and chant “hail satan” while your opposition speaks respectfully, you’re going to lose some of your most adherent supporters and make everyone think you are barbaric, selfish, repulsive human beings who have chopped up babies sucked out of your crotch with a vacuum … and throw poop, tampons and bricks at living people.

Of course you are losing. Of course society is repulsed by you. The only one smiling is the devil.

If This Isn’t The End, I Fear For What Is Next

It seems that everywhere we turn there are more and more news stories justifying what we used to consider the most outlandish conspiracy theories. Not only do we have a government that is abusing its power in an unprecedented way, we have a nation who, on the individual level, is so filled with hatred toward one another and pride for themselves that many will fight to the near-death over the most terrible arguments. We have millions of women who are now literally sacrificing children to Molech (Deut. 18:10, 2 Chr. 28:3, 1 Kgs. 17:17, 2 Kgs. 16:3; 21:6, 2 Kgs. 23:10, Jer. 7:31, Ezek. 20:26,31), likely at far unprecedented numbers and for more trivial reasons than anytime before in the history of the Earth.

I hope more people choose to be civilized, respectful, and good.


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