Posted by: inforodeo | July 14, 2013

Zimmerman Not Guilty

I am frustrated with those whining war-mongers who want to turn everything into a race issue.

It has nothing to do with race. Zimmerman only mentioned the kid was black after 911 asked for a description. Zimmerman has family who are black, including one of his own grandparents.

If you want to be realistic about this case, consider the outcomes had both been Hispanic, both been white, or both been black. You still end up with a guy being a little overzealous to keep an eye out on his neighborhood, a bigger, stronger young man confronting him and beating the crap out of him, and the smaller man shooting to defend himself.

I’m glad the courts were colorblind and tried him on what happened instead of on the political polarization that racists tried to skew it with.

Emmett Till

In 1955 Emmett Till, age 14, was brutally murdered by a group of white and black men who first kidnapped him, beat him, and then gouged out one of his eyes and shot him in the head. He had allegedly flirted with a white woman. His body was tossed in the river and weighted with a stolen piece of a cotton gin.

People who are trying to link Trayvon Martin’s justified shooting to Emmett Till are disrespecting Till and his family. Unlike Till, Martin brutally attacked a man, and the man responded in self-defense. Till was killed because of racial prejudices that existed at the time. Both boys may have not made the best choice (and that is assuming Till really did flirt with a woman in the manner described at the time), but Till didn’t hurt anyone. Till didn’t deserve to die, and certainly neither Till nor anyone else deserved to die in the violent, horrible manner he did. Martin, on the other hand, was injuring someone. Martin was bashing in the head of someone smaller than him, and that someone had a gun. Zimmerman did not fire multiple times. He did not gouge out Trayvon’s eye, he did not beat him unrecognizable, he did not try to hide the body. Zimmerman’s response was self-defense against a threat. No malice aforethought, no racial prejudice. I hate to be one of the people who apply a truthful and painful label to the deceased young man, but Martin was behaving like a thug. He was nothing like Till.

It’s still a tragedy that a young man died, and that an innocent man had to endure the trauma of being physically attacked, the trauma of having killed someone, the trauma of being treated as a criminal by even the president of the United States, the trauma of serving time in jail for defending his life, and the ongoing stresses of knowing everywhere he goes he is a marked man, and it is very likely he will die at the hands of people stirred to the spilling of innocent blood by the propaganda fanned by our own government.

Trayvon Martin is No Hero

The only cause Trayvon died for was thug life. He was not innocent, and anyone ignorant to hold him up as some kind of martyr for a respectable cause is blinded by their own racism and sick in the head. People need to stop making him the subject of a movement. It’s the same ridiculous, uneducated mindset as the Che Guevara fandom. Want a true hero? Even a true black hero?


Temar Boggs is a Real Hero

The President already told us his son would have been like Trayvon Martin, and we know that. The most corrupt President in our history would certainly have a son like Martin (if not much worse).

Temar Boggs and a friend chased down a kidnapper on their bicycles, rescuing a little white girl. People are quick to say, “race didn’t matter”, but I don’t think that’s fair – if some are trying to raise up Trayvon like some kind of saint, using “racial prejudice” as the pedestal to get him there, then we need to draw attention to the fact that these kids, in a moment where racial tension is at a sickening peak, saved a little white girl of a different race. That is bravery on SO MANY LEVELS.

Boggs and his friend are exemplars of humanity. I personally don’t think they thought for a second about race. Most of us don’t. They did what was right, and good, and brave. THEY SHOULD BE THE SAINTS OF SOME GRAND MOVEMENT, NOT A DEAD AGGRESSOR WHO WAS STOPPED BY HIS VICTIM.

An Apology

I hate that Trayvon Martin is dead. I hate it because I don’t think anyone should end up dead, regardless their mistakes. Just like he doesn’t have the opportunity to grow into a full fledged drug dealer, armed robber, or murderer himself, Trayvon also doesn’t get to see the error in his ways and change for the better.

I hate that Trayvon Martin is dead because the natural response to the garbage mindset of elevating him to superhero and icon is to tell the truth, and that truth is offensive. I feel ugly inside for having to point out what he did, what he was, and what he was trying to be in order to join others in bringing equilibrium to the topic.

I want the issue to be put to rest, and for it to be over so we can focus on the true evils in our society. We have a government out of control on a scope never before seen. We have drugs on the street that make people turn into face and eyeball-eating zombies. We have “doctors’ snipping the spines of infants with scissors, and people singing "”hail saan” in state capitols. We have street preachers being tossed in jail in England and beat in Seattle for declaring their speech.

As I write this, a domestic terrorist organization, The New Black Panther Party is declaring war on whites because of the Zimmerman-martin confrontation. People are blocking traffic, assembling, and their anger is boiling over. Their anger is based in nothing but rhetoric, and that rhetoric was ushered in by a president and his “son”, it was fanned by the justice department and their community organization tactics, and it is very likely to result in property damage and bloodshed.

Why do they keep trying to stir people to violence? The first black person to kill a white person over this will be more racist than the man who fired that single gunshot in self defense. 


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