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I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the information provided, but it looks pretty legit.  It documents various government/military and law enforcement actions that look pretty innocuous on their own, but when placed side by side (as they are on that page), paint a frightening picture of things to come.

It makes me kind of relived that several states are passing “State Sovereignty” laws. 

“You may not have heard much about it, but there’s a quiet movement afoot to reassert state sovereignty in America and stop the uncontrolled expansion of federal government power. Almost half of the state legislatures are considering or have representatives preparing to introduce resolutions which reassert the principles of the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution and the idea that federal power is strictly limited to specific areas detailed in the Constitution and that all other governmental authority rests with the states.” (Dave Nalle: )

Nalle goes on to describe some of the very real examples of such laws, and reminds us that none have passed yet (though a handful are close), and also clears up a few misconceptions … explaining the laws are largely to save states from the fiscal responsibilities of federal laws (an example being the real substance behind that whole Gov. Palin “Rape Kit” lie that was being circulated a few months back).  Federal laws regularly place financial obligations on states, cities, organizations, and companies to come into compliance with certain mandates.  Often, these organizations have to pass the cost on to the citizens/consumers.  A good example of this are some of the fees you see on your cellphone bill.  As companies are forced to comply with city, state, and federal laws (painting the tower green, putting a second row of lights on the tower, etc), those costs are passed on to the consumers who use the service. 

Anyway …

Nalle points out some “extremists” think these Sovereignty bills will stop citizens of individual states from paying federal taxes.  This is not true, and personally i still find it bizarre that people don’t want to pay taxes … since the benefits we get from taxes usually surpass the benefits we get from paying private organizations to do the same job. (Think: roads, bridges, school for your kids, healthcare for your disabled grandma, etc).

However …

Nalle doesn’t point out the numerous other things in the works.  I know, for example, that a few states are concerned about the illegal gun control laws Obama is about to spring on us.  I know that some states are concerned about the incredible imbalance of federal funding going to “urban areas” and not the rural areas that are the useful and productive part of our society. State Sovereinty places a small barrier between the Obama Tyranny Machine and the average Joe (at least the average Joes who live in states smart enough to protect their citizens).  

Why is all of this important? 

The struggle that is going to be more and more apparent over the coming months is the SAME struggle the “founders of our country” had with England.  It is the same struggle involved in the Whiskey rebellion, and the real reason the South seceded from the Union in the 1860s.  As ugly as we try to remember the confederacy as … as backwoods as we might think those in the Whiskey rebellion were, and as pure and inspired as we have come to see the founding fathers … these people were all fighting for the SAME thing:  for local freedom from an overarching government.  We didn’t want to be governed by remote and demanding England … even though they were providing us military protection and cheaper goods (look up the facts on the “tea party”).  The whole “Taxation without representation” thing was a small part of the overall movement to free the states from English rule.  The south … bad guys as they were for loving slavery … left the Union because the Union was imposing laws on them they didn’t want to abide by … because it represented individual financial losses, a radical change in their lifestyles and possible destruction of their economy.  A lot of the south didn’t like slavery either, and a lot of the north did … but the war was fought over what was perceived as illegal government control (or an attempted control) over the individual rights of citizens.

As i’ve written before, the Federal government … or ANY government for that matter … only has as much power as is granted to it by the citizens.  it does not have any more right to take away your rights than your next door neighbor does.  We don’t throw away our freedoms, or gift them to the government … they certainly don’t buy them (we’re the one’s paying!) … we loan them certain rights in the hope they can protect them or manage them better than we can … but we have the right to take those rights back whenever we want. 

For example … the Federal government manages wildlife.  this helps us not over-hunt animal populations, and provides some security for ecosystems.  The governments – federal, state and local – run the military and police forces for our protection.  we pay (taxes) for someone else to drive up and down the streets with a gun and a spotlight, keeping us and our property safe, so we won’t have to.  just because we pay someone else to stay up all night guarding our stuff doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to own a gun, put a lock on our door or patrol our own neighborhoods too.  we might not have the right to be careless with these things (and when someone is careless or misuses a werapon, they lose their right), but if we have not broken any laws, we have the right to possess these things. 

crimes should be determined by actions, not by possessions or potential.

The government has the right to ask for taxes … to pay for the services it renders. 
I suppose, then, it would make sense for people who don’t receive those services to not pay taxes … so, for example, i shouldn’t pay for some lazy urban family to live on welfare,  but i should pay taxes to my city for providing police, or the federal government for provideing roads or school for my kids. 

Right now, under Obama, the federal government IS planning to do the following (directly or indirectly):

– outlaw a large percentage of firearms based on superficial criteria (color, clip size, whether or not it has a ‘grip’), rather than actual past use in crimes.
– outlaw items that may include lead from being sold at retail stores. This is already putting numerous second-hand “thrift” stores out of business.
– make it difficult to purchase ammunition for firearms. They are trying to outlaw lead bullets in favor of more expensive “green bullets”. They have forced prices on ammunition to be inflated hundreds of times the actual value. They restrict where you can purchase them.
– make it illegal to own a gun if you live near a school. 
– make it legal for hospitals to fire doctors who, due to personal convictions, refuse to perform abortions.
– make it legal to perform “partial birth abortions”
– make it illegal to preach certain portions of biblical scripture, because to do so from the pulpit will constitute “hate speech” against protected abominations.
– make it illegal to have “network radio”. This means if a talkshow host operates out of florida and you live in montana, you will no longer be able to listen to that talk show host on the radio because right now you only do because of radio networks.  Obama claims this will “enable minority radio”, but the truth is that it will effectively dismantle conservative talk radio. (Conservative talk shows are to radio what liberal late night shows are to television). 
– get rid of State’s “National Gaurds” and some law enforcement, and replace them with the federal military.
– build fenced-in (with razor wire along the top) remote locations with busses or train service to them. These are already being built around the country, and there have been numerous rumors as to what they are, but no one really knows for sure.  Concentration camps? Internment camps? Are we bringing “Gitmo” here? Some are allegedly under the control of FEMA.

anyway … i need to finish reading ATLAS SHRUGGED and start up 1984 again.




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